Durarara!! Specials

Alt titles: Durarara!!: World At Peace, Durarara!!: Heaven’s Vengeance

DVD Special (2 eps x 24 min)
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The Headless Rider receives a mysterious red bag that creates big trouble. The Yakuza chase a gangster, and a wagon disappears on the highway, pursued by suspicious men in black suits. Mikado and his friends should be enjoying the summer festival, but have been swept up in the events. And, finally, a mysterious radiant object appears in the night sky over Ikebukuro...!?

Life returns to normal after the largest gang fight has been squashed. Shinra tells Celty that Kasuka is Shizuo’s younger brother, Mikado and Anri; unknowingly appear on TV as potential candidates for a movie; it’s the usual occurrences for life in Ikeburuko.

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    Episode 1

    Special Episode - Heaven’s Vengeance

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    Episode 2

    World At Peace

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yoshina's avatar by yoshina on Oct 2, 2015
Score 7.5/10

I seen both specials and needless to say, there isn’t anything spectacular about these episodes. They're more like fillers, if that makes sense. It doesn’t really contribute much to the original storyline of the series. Despite that it was okay to watch and would recommend it if you need your daily dose of your favorite characters. read more

nymph's avatar by nymph on Jun 16, 2011
Score 7/10

I have only seen 1 episode 25, and I haven't seen a 2nd special for this show. The first special is not really a continuation of the story/plot and does not fill any gaps left after the finale. Instead it mainly focuses on Shizuo and Izaya, with a cameo by their siblings, including both of Izaya's twin sisters. I honestly liked the episode, but I hope there will still be a season 2. Hope this helps for anyone... read more

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