Dragon Drive

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Throughout his life, Oozora Reiji has always been rather half-hearted. Never able to fully dedicate himself to anything, he lives a sloppy day-to-day existence, until his classmate Yukino introduces him to Dragon Drive -- a virtual reality game. While Reiji garners a passion for the game, it would seem that its founders have other things in mind than simple entertainment. During a special training, Reiji discovers that Dragon Drive is more than just a game, and now must fight for the survival of the dragons as well as all of mankind!


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Pauwolf's avatar by Pauwolf on Feb 18, 2011
Score: 6.5/10

The story talks about Reiji, a lazy and clumsy student. A friend of his decides to make him play a virtual videogame, "Dragon Drive", in which players can control a dragon and fight other dragons and players. Reiji's dragon seems very weak, but it will get stronger thanks to Reiji's will to win. After a few episodes, Reiji will be transported in a real fantasy world. This anime is suited for a young... read more

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