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Comments on every series I've watchedby Starra

One series = one franchise. These are just how I feel about them, nothing to do with how objectively good they are or any of that crap. Actual shows only, no movies/OVA series shorter than 6 episodes. Everything has been entirely watched unless...

Anime that is in Sub Only Series Editionby Annie201

Anime Series that cannot be watched in English, and is Subtitled only.

Underrated Animeby sm3xyang3l

I think their rating should be higher

Animes w/ Romance Subplotsby sm3xyang3l

Exactly what the title says. The genres don't show the romance tag but there's some romance in it :>

Anime I Plan To Watchby NicoCake

Every single of my plan to watch anime is in this list alphabetically. ( This list is outdated ).

100 animes in 2016by keybladewielder17

I'm going to try to watch 100 different animes in 2016.

My Favorite Animeby BigJtheGamer64

Title says it all. As you all should know - this list is my own PERSONAL opinion deserving to be respected. Don't like it? Then leave. That is all.

my animeby wolfwater

List include anime I have droped, still have not watch, and still watching