Dragon Ball Kai

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Five years have passed since Goku and his friends defeated Piccolo Jr. and restored peace to the planet. Gohan - Goku's son - and a variety of good, bad, and morally ambiguous characters are back, and perpetually not ready for action! Aliens, androids, and magicians all hatch evil plots to destroy the world and it's up to Goku to save the Earth once more - that is, once he and his comrades train plentifully in preparation.  Enemies will become friends and power levels will rise to unimaginable levels, but even with the help of the legendary Dragon Balls and Shen Long will it be enough to save Earth from ultimate destruction?

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papcorp's avatar by papcorp on Nov 10, 2009
Score: 5/10

UPDATE: Idecided to update my review cause the anime is done airing now (April 2012). I will clearly point the updates. Also tried to correct many errors I have done (sorry but this review was done in the old version of Review Editor and it lagged like shit so many letters are omitted an it was frustating to correct all this back then). =============================================================== Well this... read more

halfdan's avatar by halfdan on Mar 31, 2010
Score: 7/10

I actually stopped watching Dragonball Z during the Freiza saga because I got so tired of them stretching the show out. However I was a fan of the series at one time so I always intended to finish it. So when I heard about Dragonball Kai and how it's intention was to edit out the filler and endless battle scenes with no plot, I realized my time to finish the series was here.STORY- Not really Dragonball Z's... read more

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