Dragon Ball GT

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Ten years after Bu's defeat, Emperor Pilaf has gathered the dragon balls and promptly turns Goku back into a child-like form; and with the help of Trunk and Pan, the now inexperienced and young Goku must search for the dragon balls in order to help him return to his old self. However, retrieving the scattered dragon balls will be difficult, as Earth will be destroyed if they are not brought back to it within a year. In addition, they have been used one too many times, and evil dragons have since been released. In the midst of this chaos, Goku and the gang must face their strongest enemies yet: Professor My and Doctor Gero, who are building a copy of C17, and hordes of foes that were previously sent to Hell by Goku himself...

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Hajime's avatar by Hajime on Sep 24, 2010
Score: 7/10

Its been years, Uub's training is over, but now we travel back to Dragonball days...well at least Goku does. many new problems and trials arise, but just didn't have the same impact. If you are a huge franchise fan, and don't watch this, then your a quitter. if you havn't watched Dragonball Z, or even just Dragonball, then I say watch them 1st. read more

Anthraxinsoup's avatar by Anthraxinsoup on Dec 19, 2009
Score: 9/10

I know, I know. Many don't like DBGT to much still, It's a great show in my OPINION(keyword there, I'm a big dragon ball fan). The show is great, the story is pretty damn good. Goten being older is a plus for me as he was always my favorite person in the whole series. The end built for the movie even better than all the other movies. It's a must watch for a Dragon ball fan, and for most that arn't even the... read more

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