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Nyanpire The Animation

Nyanpire The Animation

Tiny, abandoned Nyanpire would have died when he was the kitten if not for the help of a kind stranger… a stranger that happened to be a blood-sucking vampire! Bringing the feline back to life with a few drops of his blood, the man then vanished, leaving Nyanpire to fend for himself. Now, the whimsical kitty lives with Misaki as her housecat, and spends every moment of the day figuring out a new way to find or beg for blood, even if it means turning to a friend such as the samurai Masamunya or angel Nyantenshi!

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LadyPsychic LadyPsychic says...

Both are short-length episode anime that feature cats.  Both are silly and cute.  Since the episodes are short, both series are quick watches and would probably appeal to the same audience.