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Domain of Murder

Alt titles: Hello Hedgehog: Domain of Murder

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2.641 out of 5 from 83 votes
Rank #3,465


One stormy night, a young woman is shot to death on a cliff; her body is found floating in the waters below the next morning. She was last seen with a man who is now being sought not only for her death, but also for the death of a yakuza at a local bar. Meanwhile, the man’s estranged wife has seen the police fliers and hires Goro, a private investigator, to find her husband first. Alongside another member of law enforcement with his own motives for finding the man, Goro sets forth on a trail of tragedy and intrigue to find the real reason behind these murders...


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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Haroo hari Nezumi 1983 TBD
Name Role
Masaaki KANNAN Character Design
Iku SUZUKI Director
Yasushi TSUCHIDA Music
Kenshi HIROKANE Original Manga Creator
Nagateru KATO Producer
Kaname SAKAMOTO Producer

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Bioth are interiesting mystereys with cool charecters and a lot of tenshion. They haave young protaginists with intersting outlooks. And bot exist in a simmiler world

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