Alt title: Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoida

TV (12 eps)
3.121 of 5 from 487 votes
Rank #3,039

Sakurazaki Suzuo has recently returned to his hometown of Nakasora City, eager for a part-time job; yet none can be found. After a series of heroic events, Suzuo finds himself in the company of a young girl who offers him a bargain he almost can’t refuse: wear a “toy” belt, developed by the intergalactic Otankonasu Company, and be the hero of the universe! With no money in sight, Suzuo has no choice but to accept, but he has no idea what he just got himself into! The belt transforms him into the justice-wielding Dokkoida, and he must now work for the Galaxy Union Police Department, arresting galactic criminals with his 108 deadly blows. As if things weren’t bad enough, the defeated criminals have a habit of donning a secret identity and moving into his apartment complex, causing much mayhem and hijinks. Transform, Dokkoida! Save the universe with your suit of strength!

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  • Enter Dokkoida! image

    Episode 1

    Enter Dokkoida!

  • Purple Hair, How Hip Can Ya Get? image

    Episode 2

    Purple Hair, How Hip Can Ya Get?

  • Dokkoida Vs. Edelweiss! image

    Episode 3

    Dokkoida Vs. Edelweiss!

  • The Strange Neighbor Sayuri image

    Episode 4

    The Strange Neighbor Sayuri

  • Mission: Allowance Increase image

    Episode 5

    Mission: Allowance Increase

  • The Pool Cycle Race image

    Episode 6

    The Pool Cycle Race

  • Kurika's Dream image

    Episode 7

    Kurika's Dream

  • Little Sister Love image

    Episode 8

    Little Sister Love

  • I Like It Hot image

    Episode 9

    I Like It Hot

  • Mogumokkuru's Make-Over image

    Episode 10

    Mogumokkuru's Make-Over

  • Cosmos House's Last Hour? image

    Episode 11

    Cosmos House's Last Hour?

  • Battle of Zealousness image

    Episode 12

    Battle of Zealousness

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angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Aug 6, 2013
Score 5/10

My first thoughts when I saw the DVD cover on the internet, I had one thought in my head… “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP?” Of course, I became a little curious as to what this was all about so here we go. This is my review about this… um… show… um… give me a second here…

It’s just… how do I put this nicely? It was better for younger kids... read more

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