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DNA Sights 999.9

Alt titles: Kasei Ryodan Danasaito 999.9

DNA Sights 999.9 main image more screenshots
3.052 out of 5 from 127 votes
Rank #2,633


In the early 21st century, a great meteor struck the Earth, destroying everything in its path. Amidst the chaos and destruction, a fleet known as the Trader Force quickly conquered the planet and before long, helped usher humanity into a new dark age. In the present, an ordinary boy named Tetsurou has become involved in the struggle between the invaders and mankind. Now, with newfound powers, two unlikely companions and an otherwordly beauty at his side, Tetsurou must help bring an end to the Trader Force and free mankind forever!


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Name Role
Marisuke EGUCHI Character Design
Masayuki KOJIMA Director
Katsuo ONO Music
Masao MARUYAMA Producer

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