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In the present, a crisis has been averted: Junta is safe from becoming the ultimate studmuffin, the Mega-Playboy! Unfortunately, a young woman from the future has just arrived with plans of her own. This lass, who happens to be a distant relative of Junta, is here to make sure he becomes the Mega-Playboy once more! Ulterior motives abound, as these villains from the future have more in store for Junta and his lineage than he possibly could have imagined. With the help of Karin, can Junta put a stop to this madness before his DNA consumes him once and for all?

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sothis Jan 26, 2005
Score 3/10

Originally, this three part OVA was actually the last three episodes of the TV series. For some reason it was made into an OVA (an utterly useless one, I might add), and thus I'm reviewing it seperately. The 12 TV episodes end off nicely, yet open ended for another season. The issues with the Mega-Playboy have been resolved (but I won't say how, in case you are reading this without having seen the... read more

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