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In the future, mankind faces a terrible dilemma: overpopulation! The origin of this epidemic has been traced to one young man named Junta who, in his time period, is destined to become the Mega-Playboy who fathers 100 children (though currently, he vomits uncontrollably whenever a woman gets near him!). Karin is a DNA Operator who has been sent back in time to put a stop to the budding playboy's hormones, but accidentally becomes the cause of his transformation! As if things couldn't get worse, is Karin actually... falling in love with Junta?!

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Jan 26, 2005
Score: 6/10

As the name would imply, DNA is about ... dna! Specifically, the dna of a young man named Junta who is destined to become the Mega-Playboy. In the future, the world is overpopulated and this Mega-Playboy is the most notorious cause, having fathered 100 children, who each had 100 children, and so on! Karin is sent back in time to stop Junta from becoming the Mega-Playboy, and thus the story... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on May 14, 2012
Score: 5.5/10

NOTICE: This review covers both the series and the 3-part OVA sequel.

This show was made with a collaboration of Madhouse and DEEN and I am just baffled with the overall result. One megaton of quality studio working along that piece of shit? So anyways, the quality of animation and sound is not that great but is surely better than most series of its time. Besides some... read more

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