Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles

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The Watcher’s Nest has escaped the final experiment via the "Exodus" emergency procedure to Earth… or have they? Forced to anchor to the moon to avoid colliding with the earth, they discover the world to be surrounded by a time barrier. And on earth, time is running amok! Different eras of history appear on the planet, but with only 2 constants: the presence of a Ghoul’s specular and Kureha Misaki. Can Major Lyar, Kiri, Commander Woerns and the crew unravel the mystery of the time barrier, Misaki and the Ghouls to escape this warped reality, and find their way home?

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on May 14, 2012
Score: 2/10

Notice: This review covers both seasons.

Divergence Eve, aka a good concept overshadowed by fan service. Radix was never a good studio (although as an exception they did produce the most amazing Haibane renmei) but this is by far the worst thing they ever brought forward to the world as an example of atrociousness. It is also directed by Takada Jun, the idiot who also made the most boring ... read more

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