Divergence Eve

TV (13 eps)
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In the year 2197, mankind has developed a method of traveling light-years in a matter of seconds, by opening a passage to a parallel universe where matter can travel infinitely fast. These openings have given an alien force, called 'Ghouls', the means to enter our universe. After a brutal attack, a group of new pilots are called in to help with the fight. But can they survive the Captain's brutal training long enough to defeat the Ghouls and protect the station?

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Otaku108 Nov 17, 2009
Score 6.5/10

This review was pulled off the forums from an old club I used to run, the format is different for that reason but still applies here.Overall Score: 6.5 What can you say about this to start off that doesn't touch on the overly obvious? The A-P tag "Boobs in Space" is more than obviously well earned. The gravity defying, Jell-O consistency, uniformly sized, and rather large boobs of every female... read more

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LostGamer76 Feb 22, 2012
Score 6/10

This show is perfect for fans of sci-fi and mystery with a touch of gore and ecchi.  Anyone fascinated with the theories of space and different dimensions is sure to find enjoyment in watching this show.  Those who enjoy a bit of mystery will enjoy watching the story unfold in a somewhat confusing manner although in the end the story will all fit nicely together.  There is some ecchi, or fan... read more

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