Dirty Pair


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Suggested Dirty Pair Viewing Orderby bvincent

Suggested viewing order for the multiple Anime entries in the Dirty Pair franchise. This is for the chronological order. If you want to you can always watch by air date as well.

Don't even botherby TheIceQueen

These shows are sh¡t, in my opinion

anime for older audiences not ecchi nor hentaiby grinrause

a list of anime I like want some recommendation and help to find some common qualities among them. thanks and if you like some of them try others on the list. wont be desapointed. ps. i dont think city hunter is ecchi and golden boy is so...

DVD/BD Watching Backlogby calaggie

Series/Movies/OVA's I own complete DVD/Blu-Ray sets of that I have not finished watching.