Dirty Pair Flash

OVA (16 eps)
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Dirty Pair Flash is a rather explosive look at the futuristic antics of two "troubleshooters": Yuri and Kei, agents for a galactic organization that intends to reduce catastrophy and solve intergalactic crime. Unfortunately, any crime that is solved usually involves mass destruction, as the "Lovely Angels" use everything from large scale explosives to pure brute force to get the job done.

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JJR1971 Dec 26, 2015
Score 8.8/10

This is basically an "origin story" re-imagining of the original characters.  Kei is a tough tomboy from the streets, while Yuri is a prissy princess already working for the agency.  Yuri is tasked with recruiting Kei, and it's a tough sell.  Their lives keep crossing paths and eventually Kei joins up with Yuri, and slowly this bickering pair become friends.  It's amusing to see... read more

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