Dinosaur King

Alt title: Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King

TV (49 eps)
1.637 of 5 from 1,408 votes
Rank #6,649

Max, Zoey and Rex are three kids who make up the D-Team - a team which is all about adventure! While investigating a fallen meteorite, the trio run across some mysterious dinosaur cards which, when activated, spit out a real life dinosaur! These cards were accidentally scattered around the world in a time traveling accident caused by the nefarious Dr. Z and his henchmen known as the Alpha Gang. Dr. Z aspires to create a dinosaur fighting arena and become the Dinosaur King himself, and he needs the cards - and dinosaurs within them - to accomplish his goal! Now, the D-Team must race against the clock to find the cards first and free the dinosaurs from the ultimate villains!

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angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Jul 22, 2013
Score 6/10

Welcome to Digimon… I mean Dinosaur King. For real though, We have three protagonists… two guys and one girl, who find special cards one day and when they rub the card on a stone, it activates. Does this not sound like the D-readers and cards in Digimon Tamers, especially the two guys and a girl concept? And then we have the bad guys, the Alpha Gang who seem to be a rip off of Team Rocket from... read more

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