Digimon Season 4: Frontier

TV (50 eps)
2.826 of 5 from 9,539 votes
Rank #3,783

On a very boring day, Takuya and the gang receive mysterious messages on their cell phones instructing them to rendezvous at Shibuya Station. There, they find a train that takes them unexpectedly into the Digital World. A wild digimon known as Cherubimon is desperate to destroy the Digital World, and it’s up to Takuya and friends to stop him and his minions! Finding the three Great Angel Digimon could be the only way to stop Cherubimon; and so, Takuya sets forth to find them and solve the impending doom that awaits the Digital World.

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theCHILDBARER310's avatar by theCHILDBARER310 on Feb 14, 2016
Score 6/10

It's Ok. It's that there's so much to explain in this beautiful backround. The characters are pretty interesting, their spirits are awesome, their personalities follow each other's differences. But it's just dissapointing to see Takuya and Koji getting all the glory while the others act useless and get owed. And for the comic relief It may be funny for matured people like me, but far to inappropriate... read more

SwordsManIV's avatar by SwordsManIV on Nov 17, 2015
Score 9.3/10

As Digimon Frontier being the fourth instalment of the digimon franchise, I would have to presonally place it as my favorite of the franchise. Alot of you are wondering why I choose this season over the first. And I shall explain why I do perfer it over the rest. Characters: I feel like unlike the first Digimon it didn't overwhelm you with too many characters. It didn't trail too far off from the main... read more

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