Digimon Season 2: Digital Monsters

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Two years after the DigiDestined (Taichi and the gang) saved the Digital World from the Dark Masters, new evil arises from the Real World. It's up to a new set of DigiDestined : Daisuke, Iori and Miyako, and a few from the original eight DigiDestineds to settle this fight once and for all. New Digimon and New Digivolutions are on the way, but is the new evildoer this time? Might this person be a foe or an ally? More secrets continue to be revealed as the new DigiDestineds fight to save both the real and the digital worlds.

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MonjaElisa's avatar by MonjaElisa on May 29, 2011
Score: 10/10

Digimon Adventure 02 is the secound edition to the Digimon series..
as the series takes place with some of the same characters from the previous season.. While only two of those now remaining the main characters..

As time goes by and after alot of research the Digidestined have managed to find a way back into the digital world Through using the School computer.. but as yet another couple of... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on May 13, 2012
Score: 5/10

This is the second Digimon season and most of its elements have remained the same as in the first. Please read my review on the first season before reading this one since I will only be mentioning the differences between the two.

The production values are of the same quality. They have a few improvements in the 3D effects as they less crude. The music themes are variations of the first season... read more

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