Digimon Movie 9: Digimon Savers - Ultimate Power! Burst Mode Invoke!!

Movie (1 ep x 22 min)
2.794 of 5 from 1,774 votes
Rank #3,966

Agumon, Lalamon and Gaomon are in trouble. They are the only Digimon capable of helping put an end to a current disaster: all humans on the world are entangled by thorns and are sealed inside mysterious cocoons! After finding a human-like Digimon named Rhythm, the trio discovers that the power-hungry Argomon is the source of the mayhem – he plans on taking over Earth, as well as the Digital World, using his powerful thorns! With the help of Rhythm – who must learn that the bond of a Digimon and human’s heart is unbreakable – the gang must defeat Argomon and save mankind from extinction; but can they defeat the ultimate evil, even though they are unable to evolve?

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