Digimon Movie 4: Diaboromon Strikes Back

Movie (1 ep x 30 min)
3.325 out of 5 from 3,930 votes
Rank #2,286

Two years ago, Tai and Matt put an end to Diaboromon's evil plot using the sword of Omnimon – or so they thought. Unfortunately, Diaboromon survived the fight and is now trying to make his way to the Real World, recovering from his wounds and scheming until the time is right to make his move. Meanwhile, little jellyfish-like Digimon known as Kuramon have begun to appear on cell phones and other electronic devices; but what’s worse is that pictures of the DigiDestined Children have also begun to be plastered all over the net by mysterious forces. Tai and Matt think they know who the culprit is, but their adversary is much smarter and may not be stoppable by even the legendary sword...

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FreddyCrab's avatar by FreddyCrab on Jan 15, 2012
Score: 8.5/10

Story: In this particular story of Digimon, Diaboromon (from the second film) has returned and now it is up to both all the Digidestined from series one and series two, as well as other Digidestined spread all across the world, to take him down. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, but was a little dissappointed with how spread out it was. All the characters split up into groups of twos or threes to travel to... read more

Jonmon11's avatar by Jonmon11 on Dec 27, 2013
Score: 5/10

I think this movie was meh, nothing like movie 4. It didn't have much battle buildup and the story wasn't that good compared to the first 3 movies. Overall I give it 5, since it was fine, but nothing I'd rewatch anytime soon. read more

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