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Digimon Movie 2: Bokura no War Game

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Summer Wars

Summer Wars
  • Movie (1 ep x 114 min)
  • 2009

In the future, all facets of society are tied into OZ, a virtual world inhabited by millions of users. Kenji, one of OZ’s moderators, was set to begin another typical summer when the lovely Natsuki asked him to accompany her to her hometown as a job. However, little did Kenji know that the 'job' entailed pretending to be Natsuki’s fiancé in front of her eccentric family! Now on display and feeling like a fish out of water, Kenji tries his best to fit in with Natsuki and her relatives, until one day he receives a mysterious math problem through a text message. As an avid math fanatic Kenji can’t help but try to solve it, unaware that his actions may jeopardize not only OZ, but also the entire world...

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If you like Bokura no War Game or Summer Wars, you'd probably also enjoy the other because they both have a very similar feel to them.  Both movies are about kids fighting some sort of monster online in order to save the real world.  The animation style is similar too. 


Most of the events taking place in Oz in Summer Wars are closely copied from the internet events in this Digimon movie. So if you liked these aspects in either movie, try the other.


Malicious virus type monsters cause chaos in the digital world. Resulting in a knock on threat to the real world.

The threats to our world happen to be the same in both movies, as well as lots of other things.

The heroes of both stories are teams of young people and their digital partners, fighting to save the world.

Just how similar these films are is frightening.


Using the internet to fight monsters that threaten the lives and well being of millions of people.

A person who has watched lots of anime may tell you that the movie your describing is either the second digimon movie or Summer Wars the plot lines are very similar but have different aspects that make the movies unique and enjoyable to both different and alike watchers, overall recommend both movies and enjoyed them immensely recommend to anyone.


In both movies some kind of virus takes over the internet and manages to manipulate departures of the governments etc. in order to destroy the planet earth. To prevent this, a group of teenagers (and their helpers) take action and fight against the virus. It’s not just the story that sounds familiar if you’ve watched one of them. Also the animation of both is exactly the same kind.


Mamoru Hosoda directed both Summer Wars and Digimon Movie 2: Bokura no War Game, so it's not so suprising that both movies are incredibly similar in terms of plot and animation- in fact while watching Summer Wars I kind of got the feeling that Digimon was something of a "first draft". Even though it's been a while since I've seen Digimon, I enjoyed both and I'm sure that others who liked one will also like the other.


These 2 movies have an interesting premise, the world is run by the internet.  Everything that is in the world is somehow connected through the net.  In Digimon and Summer Wars, a deadly hacker, in the form of an awesome all powerful monster, is hell bent on destroying the net and causing harm. The art is very well done and the stories have everything one could want in a futuristic story.  Summer Wars wraps up very nicely as well.


Summer Wars is effectively a feature-length, stand-alone version of Bokura no War Game - same director, same animation style, hell, basically even the same story!


Both Summer Wars and Bokura no War Game have an almost exact same feel to them.  They both center around kids/teens trying to fight an enemy in a digital world.  This enemy, if left unchecked can also do major damage to the real world.  If you liked one, be sure to give the other a shot.


These movies are incredibly similar in many ways. The plot, the villain and even some of the action in Summer Wars is pretty much lifted from Bokura no War Game. Both were directed by the same man, Mamoru Hosoda and it seems to me that Summer Wars is the movie he would have made if he had more input and a bigger budget. Many people have commented on their similarities in the past, even calling Bokura no War Game a "prototype" or a "first draft".

I would recommend that anyone who liked this Digimon movie should watch Summer Wars. You will not be disappointed.

For Summer Wars fans, I would also recommend Bokura no War Game, especially if you have ever liked Digimon. And even if you haven't, it's still worth seeing where the ideas for Summer Wars originated and how they were executed almost a decade earlier.


Both of these movies share a similar premise. The world is dependent on the internet (or some similar digital-verse) that ends up coming under attack, and it's up to a group of children to fight to protect it.

I found Summer Wars to be the better of the two, but think those who enjoyed the digital battle in one movie should try the other.