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Rockman EXE Axess

Rockman EXE Axess

Netto and his personal Net Navi called Rockman are called into duty once more to save their world from an evil organization called Nebula. These mysterious "Dark Loids" are out to destroy all humans, by creating Dimensional Areas and attacking the real world! Using a Synchro Chip, Netto is able to perform a new special ability called "Cross Fusion", which enables him to merge with Rockman. It's up to Netto and Rockman, along with long-time rivals Enzan and Blues, to thwart all evil, and save their world once again!

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KiyoXDragon KiyoXDragon says...

They are similar because in this series of Rockman, they transform into their net navi and merge and have powers, In D.I.C.E they transform and merge into their Dinobreaker, other than that, the setting is in space in D.I.C.E like Gundam, Rockman EXE is not.