Diabolik Lovers Recap

TV Special (1 ep x 15 min)
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Diabolik Lovers Recap

After her father moves and leaves her behind, Yui Komori arrives at the mansion she must now call her home, unaware of the horrors that await her. For Yui’s new housemates are vampires, and she’s been sent to live with them by the church as their prospective bride-to-be. But what sounds like the subject of a romance novel soon turns to despair, as these fanged beauties are delighted to have a new plaything to torment and will stop at nothing to force themselves upon her and drink her blood. Yui must now learn to cope with her new life of being sadistically abused at every turn, whether she’s called derogatory slurs, forced to feed the vampires’ bloodlust against her will, or being treated like the garbage they see her to be.

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epicrevenge's avatar
epicrevenge Jan 25, 2014
Score 5/10

Diabolik Lovers episode 6.5 is a 15 minute recap of the (lack of) story so far and includes every last bite! There are tons of anime out there that could have done with a recap episode but Diabolik Lovers was most certainly not one of them. For a start, episodes are only 15 minutes long and the series overall is just 12 episodes. Anyone who has seen the first 6 episodes of Diabolik Lovers would know that... read more

Nari1711's avatar
Nari1711 Nov 23, 2014
Score 6/10

I don't get if this was really needed, I mean I didn't need a reminder of what happened so far....I remember all the stuff they did to Yui pretty well thank you very much! read more

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