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2.553 out of 5 from 484 votes
Rank #3,649

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
alph4om3ga Watching     not rated
Arten Watching 3   not rated
Balmoth Watching     not rated
berlioz Watching 5   not rated
CaptainFatty Watching 1   0.5 star rating
cortacaballos Watching 4   not rated
darkes Watching     not rated
darkesall Watching     not rated
darthjimbo Watching 21   4 star rating
DementedTruth Watching 5   not rated
Dorfabel Watching 1   5 star rating
Fogato Watching 9   not rated
greek19 Watching 18   not rated
hdr32 Watching 3   2.5 star rating
iFlame Watching 2   not rated
Inuyana890 Watching 8   5 star rating
Kyuubicard Watching     not rated
lilsluggerfan Watching     4 star rating
Lucinda95 Watching 27   not rated
mdhedden Watching     not rated
nevetz Watching 6   not rated
progAddicted Watching     not rated
Reddokurou Watching 18   not rated
rulegend Watching 10   not rated
RyderHiME Watching 3   not rated
superkumasan Watching 39   5 star rating
Taku731 Watching 4   2.5 star rating
Terexen Watching 26   not rated
ZanzaFLASH Watching 39   not rated