Devilman: The Birth

Alt title: Devilman: Tanjou Hen

OVA (1 ep x 55 min)
3.105 of 5 from 1,121 votes
Rank #3,124

Since the beginning of time bloodthirsty demons have devoured the weak and innocent, but for centuries they have been preserved in ice deep beneath the surface of the Earth where they can harm no man. Now, in the present, the demons have begun to awaken, and only one with a virtuous heart can stop them and save mankind. For young Akira, this means merging with a fierce demon and becoming Devilman, the creature who must destroy all demons in its path. With only his ally and friend Ryo to stand beside him, can Akira take on his fate and save the world?

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Apr 16, 2005
Score 3.5/10

Lions and tigers and demons, oh my! I’m not sure where the roots of demonic horror come from in anime, but it seems like Devilman (the TV series, at least, made in the 70s) must be one of the first. Created by Go Nagai (of crappy anime fame such as Kekko Kamen, Plastic Little, and anything else with excessive nudity), Devilman is actually quite unique in the fact that it isn’t 100% ecchi... read more

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