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Devil Lady

Devil Lady main image
2.521 out of 5 from 844 votes
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Ms. Jun Fudo used to be nothing more than a successful model, until fate intervened and thrust her unwillingly into the role of the Devil Lady. Once transformed, Jun becomes a murderous beast who destroys anyone (or anything) that opposes her; a power that the mysterious Asuka Ran wants to harness and use for an unknown purpose. With similar beasts emerging across the city and the body count piling, can Jun survive long enough to discover the truth behind her kin, and keep her human soul in control?

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Violence Jack 1: Harlem Bomber OVA 1986 TBD
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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Devil Lady 1997 TBD
Name Role
Shinobu NISHIOKA Character Design
Toshiki HIRANO Director
Toshiyuki WATANABE Music
Go NAGAI Original Manga Creator
Hiroshi MOROTOMI Producer
Hiroki HORIO Producer
Yasumichi OZAKI Producer

Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Devil Lady sothis 2.5/10 Jul 25, 2006

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