Devil Hunter Yohko

Alt title: Mamono Hunter Yohko

OVA (6 eps)
2.662 of 5 from 1,574 votes
Rank #4,577

Who knew coming of age could be so tough? 16 year-old Yohko Mano is your typical high-schooler dealing with a not-so-typical upbringing. Her grandmother has been training her in the martial arts and tests her skills on a regular basis. And all Yohko really cares about is a date with Hideki! Well, fickle fate intervenes and Yohko's destiny as a destroyer of demons is revealed. This entertaining romp has plenty of fanservice and action to keep the boys drooling.

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roriconfan May 19, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Probably the oldest “ass-kicking girls” anime ever, Yohko is today nothing but a nostalgic take on a very tired genre of fighting chicks. The best way to appreciate it is to see it like a combo of “Sailor Moon” with “La Blue Girl” and just hope for the best. Oh, and switch off your brains as you do; it will help a lot.

First of all, this is a males’ only show... read more



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