Detroit Metal City

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Negishi Souichi always dreamed of joining a trendy pop band, so that he could perform music like that of his idol, Kahimi Karie. In order to realize his dream, he decided to leave the country side and his loving parents to study in Tokyo. And after graduating, he does manage to join a band... but not the kind he was expecting! As lead singer of the death metal band Detroit Metal City, under the stage name Krauser II, he is made to perform loud songs filled with obscene lyrics - a far cry from the songs he used to write in school. But despite the fact that Negishi hates DMC's music, the Krauser side of him will do anything to put on a good show for his fans... even if it means making Negishi's life a misery!

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  • PV/Sick Murderer image

    Episode 1

    PV/Sick Murderer

  • Real Legend/Satan image

    Episode 2

    Real Legend/Satan

  • Pig/Drugs image

    Episode 3


  • Frustration/Good Song image

    Episode 4

    Frustration/Good Song

  • Masochist/Family image

    Episode 5


  • Punk.1/Punk.2 image

    Episode 6


  • Tower/Confession image

    Episode 7


  • Promise/Alternation image

    Episode 8


  • Cinema.1/Cinema.2 image

    Episode 9


  • Fake/Detroit Moe City image

    Episode 10

    Fake/Detroit Moe City

  • Hip Hop.1/Hip Hop.2 image

    Episode 11

    Hip Hop.1/Hip Hop.2

  • Emperor.1/Emperor.2 image

    Episode 12


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ThePatches's avatar by ThePatches on Nov 8, 2010
Score 7/10

I first learned about Detroit Metal City via an ANN review of the manga. The purile, no-holds-barred, and vulgar work proved to be a comedic gem, and so when KiraRin goaded me into reviewing the Studio 4C OVA spinoff, I needed little convincing. Though the animation offers little that fans familiar with the... read more

valondar's avatar by valondar on Dec 10, 2008
Score 4/10

Never has so much promise come to so little. Alright, there probably are bigger misfires, but permit me my hyperbole. There's a really funny idea here - the sweet young Soichi Neghisi loves innocuous Swedish pop but, for the sake of getting a job in the music business, becomes Krauser II, the lead singer in a shockingly controversial death metal group known as Detroit Metal City, 'the DMC'. Sound... read more

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