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Detroit Metal City

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4.353 out of 5 from 6,449 votes
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Negishi Souichi always dreamed of joining a trendy pop band, so that he could perform music like that of his idol, Kahimi Karie. In order to realize his dream, he decided to leave the country side and his loving parents to study in Tokyo. And after graduating, he does manage to join a band... but not the kind he was expecting! As lead singer of the death metal band Detroit Metal City, under the stage name Krauser II, he is made to perform loud songs filled with obscene lyrics - a far cry from the songs he used to write in school. But despite the fact that Negishi hates DMC's music, the Krauser side of him will do anything to put on a good show for his fans... even if it means making Negishi's life a misery!

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Detroit Metal City: Birth of the Metal Devil OVA 2008 Same Franchise Promo release containing part 1 of episode 2 and part 2 of episode 1 of the OVA.

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Detroit Metal City 2005 Original Manga
Name Role
Hiroshi NAGAHAMA Director
Kiminori WAKASUGI Original Manga Creator
Atsushi TAKAHASHI Producer
Rika HATADA Producer
Yoshihiro FURUSAWA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Detroit Metal City ThePatches 7/10 Nov 8, 2010
Detroit Metal City valondar 4/10 Dec 10, 2008

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Detroit Metal City metalheadotaku666 8/10 Jan 16, 2014
Detroit Metal City MrBlank 7/10 Dec 20, 2012
Detroit Metal City LindLTailor 6/10 Oct 3, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Explus yasar 447 Apr 17, 2014
Best opening (shuffle) sinnerz 37 Apr 8, 2014
Favourite OVA's murcam 5 Mar 22, 2014
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MythicLelouch rated the Detroit Metal City anime 4.5/5 stars
MythicLelouch watched Detroit Metal City at 12 of 12 episodes
LovelessFanatics is watching Detroit Metal City anime at 4 of 12 episodes
jahng2 rated the Detroit Metal City anime 3.5/5 stars

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Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School

At Cromartie High, it’s tough being a delinquent -- a fact that do-gooder Takashi Kamiyama intimately understands. When he’s not engaging in contests of strength and rival gang wars, Kamiyama can also be found submitting punny jokes and planning his own rise to fame within the delinquents’ ranks, and that’s just the beginning! With friends like robotic Mechazawa, a giant gorilla, a hairy man from the 80s named Freddie and a clan of delinquents with mohawks that flow in the wind, how can anyone not enjoy high school?

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Both shows involve a nice guy trying to fit in , and share the same random and strange humor we all love.


I usually don't like shows that are purely comedies, but I LOVE Detroit Metal City and Cromartie High School. The art styles, while they don't really look similar, feel similar, and the sense of humor is absurd and fairly dry. Both also are the prefect lenght. The episodes are short enough so that they never drag, and the series ends before the concept becomes tired.


If you like the strange and wacky humour in one you'll definitely love the strange and wacky humour in the other. Both Cromartie High School and Detroit Metal City are reltatively plotless and instead rely on high GPM (gags per minute) to please their audiences.


Both series are crude yet completly hilarious comedies. The protagonists of both series are nice quiet guys who somehow end up with groups that are completelly different than the quiet people they would like to be. In detroit metal city the people he meets and interacts with are metal heads, and in cromartie its deliquents. From this both series get thier funny situations. The comedy is based on the protagonists trying to deal with the people around them and the situations that arise from them. If you found one funny then I'm sure you'll really enjoy the other.


Both of these are outrageously ridiculous and thoroughly wacky, prepare yourself. If you want something serious please go elseware.


Both shows contain this specific humor full of crudeness. If you're a fan of that type of comedy, then you'll love either one!



$10 can not only buy you a cute hamster; it also get you a devoted housekeeper who will cook, clean, put on suntan lotion, and cheer you on when your relationships get stale! Does it seem like a dream? Then picture what life would be like if anybody who calls your house gets to know the contents of your underwear drawer! If you can’t imagine what rodents and ecchi have to do with each other, then enter the life of the hamster Ebichu, her sexy master, and the good-for-nothing boyfriend Kaishounachi, and see why a talking hamster can be such a bother!

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The low-brow humor in both anime is very similar. Both are rife with poop jokes, sex jokes, and cartoon violence. Oddly sincere romance pops up in both series as well.


What do a Hamster and a Death Metal Band have in common? It may sound like the beginning of a joke but Ebichu and Detroit Metal City, do have something in common - humour. Both of these series contain a fair amount of crude, lewd humour, and though Ebichu may be more centralised around this sort of comedy, Detroit Metal City doesn't skimp on it. Both series have that sort of, naughty giggle factor about them, where you find yourself laughing at something that you'd never admit to enjoying in polite company. They are also fairly no-holes-barred, and often you'll be watching and thinking 'what the... did they really just do that?!' I would say that if you enjoyed the naughty laugh factor of one, you should try the other.


While the story and the genres of these shows are very different (except comedy of course) they sharea  similar kind of stupid humor and both have short and concise episodes without being too serious.


Ebichu and DMC share that same SILLY ROTFLMAO humor.  DMC is more like Dethklok in black metal japan where as ebichu is about the pet of a local office lady (heh).

Angel Densetsu

Angel Densetsu
  • OVA (2 eps x 24 min)
  • 1996

What is Seiichirou Kitano, a boy with the heart of an angel and the face of a devil, supposed to do when he starts his new life as a first year high school student? Accidently defeat the school "guardian" and become the most famous and feared gang leader in the town, of course! With his "henchmen" Kuroda and Takehisa in tow, Kitano turns a simple act of good will into an all-out war with Hakuun High!

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I dont know why, buy i sense its same way of humor....Well quite different debth...but...look for yourselfs...:D


Both anime are about kind boys but their looks get them the evil stare from all around them that disaprove. Detroit Metal City honestly though the kind boy dresses the part as a metal singer that is over the top "evil" where in Angel Densetsu he's just got a really mean face and scares everyone around him. Both are quite hilarious so check one out if you enjoyed the other.


Very similar humor and despite both anime being more than 10 years apart, I thought their animation resemble each other a lot. Negishi and Seiichirou are very kind, good-willed and pure-hearted characters, but they have another side.. where they look as nothing but demons.

Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san

Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san
  • TV (48 eps x 9 min)
  • 1998

Wakame High School has its fair share of weirdos, and transfer student Fumiya "Fuumin" Okometsubu is about to meet the strangest one of all. Planning to make one hundred new friends, the first to step up to the plate is Masaru Hananakajima. Becoming an unwilling student in Masaru's secret martial arts style, the two embark on enrolling more unsuspecting victims to learn the "Sexy Commando" way of fighting. Recruiting Kyasharin, the feeblest strong man in the world; and Kondo, the aspiring manly man; the group embark on a voyage of moronic triviality. From an outrageous sleepover to playing the baseball Game of Honour, the team must finally pull together and remove their pants for the National Sexy Commando Tournament!

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The random shit-yourself-laughing type of comedy is very similar in these two animes. If you liked DMC, you'll love Sexy Commando Gaiden and vice versa. They've practically got the same type of comedic elements, with the exception that DMC is about Death Metal and SCG is about martial arts.


Sexy commando gaiden sugoiyo! masaru-san is similar to DMC because the sense humor in both is very stupid, over the top and random. Sexy Commando has a different theme and story, but the humor "feels" the same as that of DMC. The people i know who have wathced DMC, have also watched (and loved!) Sexy commando. So if you like DMC I think you would love Sexy commando.


Both animes very similar in that they are heavily gag-based laugh out loud comdies that revel on the situations that the characters, generally the main character, get themselves into. The two, however, differ as Detroit Metal City's main character is unable to keep himself from doing the crazy things that he does like he had multiple personality syndrome while in Sexy Commando the main character is does the crazy things willingly (possible mental instability here as well).



The Four Lords of Havoc have one terrible goal – to awaken the god Anthrasax and recreate the world. To stop them, Yoko, a maiden of Metallicana, awakens the ancient wizard Dark Schneider from within a 14-year old boy by bestowing upon him her virgin kiss. The only problem now is that the most chaotic, lecherous wizard in history resides inside the body of an innocent child. Even worse, he’s determined that neither hydras nor minotaurs should stand between him and his dream to conquer everyone and take the women for himself… all of which is less than convenient when trying to save the world!

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DMC and Bastard have one big theme in common, metal. It's pretty clear why DMC is a very metal show, DMC is the show that Metalocalypse should have been. And Bastard is also a very metal show, the main kingdom in the show is called Metallicana, and there are plenty of other metal references. Both of these shows also have a protagonist who has a double personality, with one personality being ridiculously unassuming and the other being ridiculously over the top. Both shows have humor (though DMC is much funnier) and are perfectly suitable to show kids if you want the kids in question to have nightmares. Bwahahahaha.


Both of these OVAs feature dumb comedy, metal references and dual-personality protagonists: one personality being kind & modest and the other -  ridiculously over-the-top & immoral. The differences are the setting, the art style and the pacing (DMC is more dynamic than Bastard).