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Detective Conan Movie 9: Strategy Above the Depths

Detective Conan Movie 9: Strategy Above the Depths main image more screenshots
4.131 out of 5 from 1,702 votes
Rank #481


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Main Characters

Conan EDOGAWA image Conan EDOGAWA heart unheart
Kogorou MOURI image Kogorou MOURI heart unheart
Ran MOURI image Ran MOURI heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Ai HAIBARA image Ai HAIBARA heart unheart
Ayumi YOSHIDA image Ayumi YOSHIDA heart unheart
Genta KOJIMA image Genta KOJIMA heart unheart
Hiroshi AGASA image Hiroshi AGASA heart unheart
Juzo MEGURE image Juzo MEGURE heart unheart
Mitsuhiko TSUBURAYA image Mitsuhiko TSUBURAYA heart unheart
Ninzaburo SHIRATORI image Ninzaburo SHIRATORI


heart unheart
Shinichi KUDO image Shinichi KUDO heart unheart
Sonoko SUZUKI image Sonoko SUZUKI heart unheart

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Minor Characters

Chiba image Chiba heart unheart
Miwako SATO image Miwako SATO


heart unheart
Wataru TAKAGI image Wataru TAKAGI


heart unheart