Detective Academy Q

Alt title: Tantei Gakuen Q

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"If I don't have to do it, I won't. If I do have to do it, make it quick," is the basic principle by which energy conservationist Houtarou Oreki lives. But after his sister convinces him to join the Classics Club, Houtarou's life is turned upside down when he meets Chitanda, a perpetually-inquisitive girl who challenges the boy's easygoing existence. Intrigued by the slightest hint of a mystery afoot, Chitanda doesn't hesitate to pester the reluctant yet highly analytical Houtarou into satisfying her curiosity at every turn, no matter how small the problem. Alongside fellow members Satoshi and Ibara, the group tackles cases ranging from a self-locking classroom door, a strangely-popular library book, and even the shadowy history of the very club to which they belong!

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Garylikesmanga Garylikesmanga says...

Both series revolve around a single character in particular that is exceptional at solving mysteries. In Hyou-ka, the mysteries are far more mundane, but have just as complex solutions that Tantei Gakuen Q has, though those mysteries typically involve murder. Another similarity is the school setting. Tantei Gakuen Q focuses on a class that solves mysteries, while Hyou-ka features a school club that solves mysteries. The ensemble casts have some similarities, but Hyou-ka revolves more on one main character. If you liked Tantei Gakuen Q, you will no doubt enjoy Hyou-ka for the far more stylized approach. If you like Hyou-ka, you will no doubt notice the similarity in the logic behind deducing the solutions to the mysteries. Both series have a similar tone, especially in regard to the way each mystery is taken seriously. They also both have their fair share of amusing moments.