Desert Punk

Alt title: Sunabozu

TV (24 eps)
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In the future, a man roams through the desolate wastelands. His enemies whisper his name with fear and awe: the "Demon of the Sands". Using his skills and ingenuity, as well as having a mind for tricks, he has a perfect record as a bounty hunter. Yet, he is still a man, and may have finally met his match in the beautiful and very well endowed Asagiri Junko. Now, he must learn to deal with the the harsh climate, hapless outlaws, and his complete weakness for the opposite sex!

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  • (Sub) The Demon and the Double D's image

    Episode 1

    (Sub) The Demon and the Double D's

  • (Sub) Rock, Paper, Scissors image

    Episode 2

    (Sub) Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • (Sub) Fire Dragon Kong image

    Episode 3

    (Sub) Fire Dragon Kong

  • (Sub) An Ace in the Sand image

    Episode 4

    (Sub) An Ace in the Sand

  • (Sub) The Price of Water image

    Episode 5

    (Sub) The Price of Water

  • (Sub) Wandering Lust image

    Episode 6

    (Sub) Wandering Lust

  • (Sub) Age Before Beauty image

    Episode 7

    (Sub) Age Before Beauty

  • (Sub) A Dog in Heat image

    Episode 8

    (Sub) A Dog in Heat

  • (Sub) All That Glitters image

    Episode 9

    (Sub) All That Glitters

  • (Sub) A Little Bit of Wisdom image

    Episode 10

    (Sub) A Little Bit of Wisdom

  • (Sub) Compromising Positions image

    Episode 11

    (Sub) Compromising Positions

  • (Sub) A Change of Heart image

    Episode 12

    (Sub) A Change of Heart

  • (Sub) Opposites Collide image

    Episode 13

    (Sub) Opposites Collide

  • (Sub) Kosuna: Fully Automatic image

    Episode 14

    (Sub) Kosuna: Fully Automatic

  • (Sub) The Girl Next Door image

    Episode 15

    (Sub) The Girl Next Door

  • (Sub) A Load Of... image

    Episode 16

    (Sub) A Load Of...

  • (Sub) Perv in Pursuit image

    Episode 17

    (Sub) Perv in Pursuit

  • (Sub) Too Close for Comfort image

    Episode 18

    (Sub) Too Close for Comfort

  • (Sub) Scratching the Surface image

    Episode 19

    (Sub) Scratching the Surface

  • (Sub) A Raw Deal image

    Episode 20

    (Sub) A Raw Deal

  • (Sub) Successor of the Desert image

    Episode 21

    (Sub) Successor of the Desert

  • (Sub) Hidden Agendas image

    Episode 22

    (Sub) Hidden Agendas

  • (Sub) Voices in the Wind image

    Episode 23

    (Sub) Voices in the Wind

  • (Sub) The Demon Revealed image

    Episode 24

    (Sub) The Demon Revealed

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MAK2Hybrid's avatar by MAK2Hybrid on Aug 12, 2013
Score 8/10

When first knowing about this anime and reading/watching other reviews of the series, it’s a space western that much akin to Trigun and there are some major comparisons to that show, which we’ll get into later and believe it as looking into Desert Punk, you’ll recognize some similarities to it.
In the future, Japan is a wasteland. In the Great Kanto Desert, scattered humans eke... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on May 10, 2012
Score 4/10

This is a partly action, partly comedy series around a powerful and very horny mercenary named Sunabouzu. It keeps flipping between interesting and funny for awhile until eventually it ends up being repetitive and boring. Animated by the most shitty studio GONZO and directed by a nobody who made only failures. There is very little context in all this mess, so I never expected much. And indeed I... read more

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