Desert Punk

Alt titles: Sunabozu



Garyuu's avatar By Garyuu on Oct 6, 2009

This show wasn't that great. By the time there was an actual plot I didn't care anymore. I hated most of the characters. Every now and then one of the characters would do something that would redeem themselves, but they would then do something that would annoy me. The only character I really liked was Amagumo, but he wasn't in the show that much.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
TheMajor5's avatar By TheMajor5 on Sep 27, 2011

This anime through me for a spin.  As I'm sure it did you, dear reader.  A whirlwind of emotions ranging from annoyed to those things that come out of your eyes from laughing. You be the judge of how you felt, I'm just a simple teller of tales and opinions.

The story is a unique one.  Cast out in the middle of a great desert, the viewer watches as our main character takes on odd jobs to earn enough money to pay off his debt.  Such jobs involve guarding a town from bandits, guarding a truck delivering shit, and destroying a cursed stone, to name a few.  The odd jobs are endless for a time.  That is until the plot thickens and the tone becomes serious.  Lot's of laughs with the perverted Desert Punk as he fools others and out wits his opponents.  Don't forget the big boobs which accompany nearly every episode.  It makes for a fun show.  The downside you ask?  The ending is not pleasing.  It can be in a way, it almost is a perfect ending, yet it's not.

The animation is like anything else.  Pretty good and not sore on the eyes.  I don't really care to judge the animation anyways because you can watch an episode and find out.

The sound was nothing great.  I don't even remember if there was any sound other than the desert wind rustling the sand and when people walk around or explosion sounds.  The opening was alright, might have been better if the opening wasn't shot with real footage.  Don't remember the ending either.  It all seemed to not fit the anime but that could be me.

Characters were nice.  Sounds like an average saying doesn't it?  The Desert Punk fulfills the glutenous, greedy, perverted anti hero character role.  He loves big breasts and can never stay out of debt.  No one, in the whole desert, likes or respects his horrible morals.  Everyone hates him.  That is, until we meet a young girl.  She is pretty annoying but that doesn't last long.  The Sunabozu is hilarious and he truly makes for a good watch with his wicked, greedy ways.

Overall the i didn't have any gripes until the end.  The ending was terrible.  Possible the worst ending in all of history.  I suggest you watch the anime in DUB as it is not nearly as funny in sub.  If you want the laughs then watch this anime, but be warned, it gets serious 3/4 the way through and almost loses it's charm.  But it's a fun show.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
Arifeen's avatar By Arifeen on Dec 15, 2009

First things first this anime shows the truth about human nature when pushed into situation similar to the desertpunk. The characters dont act in an angelic manner which is the case with most anime . In desertpunk all the characters have unique personalities .....It also shows the daily life of a handyman/bounty hunter and the situations he/she face during tasks . There is another part which I loved most desertpunk and his perverted nature lol.This is my first time writing about the anime I like, hope I covered most of the anime aspects with this review without spoiling the story .

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
JJR1971's avatar By JJR1971 on Jun 18, 2011

Oh my gawd, I freakin' LOVE this show...for me one of the best, funniest, raunchiest action/comedy Anime I've ever seen...Loved it so much I went out and bought the boxed set later.  (I usually aways do rental first before I commit to a purchase).

Who knew a post-apocalyptic world filled with death and destruction could be so much fun?

I admit, at first, I thought the Desert Punk costume looked kind of dumb, and kept away from this title for at least a year.  Then I happened to watch a trailer for it on a different DVD and said, well, maybe I should give volume 1 a chance.  I'm so glad I did.

The story is so interesting, funny, wise-cracking and action-packed, I was hooked from the very first epsiode.  If you love roguish heroes like Malcom Reynolds of FIREFLY and SERENITY, you'll potentially LOVE Desert Punk.

I won't deny it, this show is definitely aimed at men. The typical female viewer will probably be turned off or slightly offended by this show.  The main character is an unapologetic letch who likes big boobs.

The kind of woman who might like this show...?  Probably someone with tatoos and piercing who isn't afraid to belch in front of the guys, the kind of girl you mostly think of as "one of the guys"...

Luci Christian voices the main character's sidekick, a tween girl named Asuna.  One thing this show does well is character development.  Both the main character and Asuna grow and change as the show progresses.  The show does a good piquing the viewers interest and keeping them coming back for more, episode to episode.  There's lots of gripping action, but also plenty of fanservice and hilarity thrown in between.


10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
frankstleBilly's avatar By frankstleBilly on Jul 20, 2014


Desert Punk certainly is a strange anime. Not only is its focus and world strange, but the impact it leaves on you. In that this is one of the most forgettable series I've ever seen.

The focus is on a bounty hunter simply known as the Desert Punk, who is notorious for his perverse tendencies and greed. He gets the job done, but is also big headed and only in it for the money. As his journeys go on, he meets a young girl named Kosuna (who would go on to become the series protagonist in the currently ongoing manga series), who he takes on as his apprentice, and a busty woman named Junko Asagiri, who only stands out because of her large tits. And honestly, that's about it.

I remember approximately little to fuck all about the story. It has a decent premise for a good series, but fairly shitty story telling brings this series down horribly. The story DOES get a little better near the end, but it's just in the form of a fairly stupid plot twist. Unfortunately, this isn't the only thing the anime suffers from. The animation is OK, but uninspired, and I honestly found the backgrounds more unique than these basic and simple character designs. The Desert Punk looks like a kid in the desert, real original. Kosuna looks like your everyday loli, whoop dee doo. Junko has giant tits, who gives a toss... wait, that came out wrong.

In addition to the bland animation, I don't remember a SINGLE song from this anime. Actually, I take it back. The second opening is actually not bad. It's catchy, with a decent set of instruments in the background and an absolutely kick ass ending to the song (that is, the TV version at least). It's safe to say that this is the highlight of the show. However, it isn't particularly memorable so it loses points for that. The first opening is just fucking stupid. It's obviously not supposed to be taken seriously, but it just generally sucks. And now we move onto the worst part of the show: the characters.

I remember the three characters that I mentioned and yeah, they're pretty likable. But here's my problem: they have relatively minor personalities. What do you remember about the Desert Punk? He's greedy and he's a fucking pervert. What do you remember about Kosuna? She's his student and she's a fucking loli. What do you remember about Junko? She has huge breasts and she has HUGE FUCKING BREASTS. The rest of the characters? They're boring as hell! I don't remember ANYTHING at all about these characters! They have no personality, they don't have a memorable design, and I don't care about them either! Just let the Punk shoot them and replace them with actual people that are interesting, that would work.

And to top it all off, this is an ecchi. It doesn't need to be, this isn't like Highschool DxD where the ecchi (in some twisted way) compliments the story. Nonono, this is purely here to wank to. There is NOTHING good about the fanservice purely because it DOESN'T NEED TO BE THERE. Add to that yellow faeces, stupid plot points and much more and BAM! This is a fairly below average anime. It's nothing like god awful, it's not even extremely bad. Sometimes the humor CAN work, the second opening is... ok, and I at least like what the story is TRYING to be. It fails at it, but it isn't a horrible idea for an anime, and I do like the concept of a rebellious teen living as a bounty hunter in a post apocalyptic world. But, I will say, this is a fairly boring and slow paced show, so I wasn't a huge fan. I rate it 4 bounty hunters chasing after tits, out of 10.

4/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall