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Death Note

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4.523 out of 5 from 63,515 votes
Rank #40


Have you ever felt like the world would be a better place if certain people weren’t around? Such grim daydreams might occur when watching the dismal daily news, but on one fateful day, Light Yagami finds that these daydreams can become reality. By pure happenstance, he comes across a black notebook entitled "Death Note", whose text within states that whoever's name is written on its pages will die. With the aid of the death god Ryuk, Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of its corruption, ushering in a new era of purity one death at a time. But as Ryuk foretells, Light's actions will not go unchallenged...

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Death Note Rewrite: The Visualizing God TV Special 2007 Recap
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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Death Note 2004 Original Manga
Death Note (Pilot) 2006 Original
Death Note: Another Note - The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases (Light Novel) 2006 TBD
Death Note Special 2007 Same Franchise
Death Note: L Change the World (Light Novel) 2008 TBD
Name Role
Masaru KITAO Character Design
Tetsuro ARAKI Director
Yoshihisa HIRANO Music
Hideki TANIUCHI Music
Tsugumi OHBA Original Manga Creator
Masao MARUYAMA Producer
Manabu TAMURA Producer
Toshio NAKATANI Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Death Note sothis 5.8/10 Nov 22, 2009
Death Note Sheex 9/10 Jul 12, 2007

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Title Author Score Date
Death Note shane1995 8/10 Jul 9, 2014
Death Note thecrimsonclaw 8/10 Jun 22, 2014
Death Note phoniefly 8.5/10 Jun 22, 2014
List Title Username Entries Date
Staaaaaars clacard 21 Jul 13, 2014
hyhy margus 25 Jul 13, 2014
Μy Top Ten Anime AnotherFullMetalFan1 10 Jul 12, 2014
kittyluvv rated the Death Note anime 4.5/5 stars
albig2k watched Death Note at 37 of 37 episodes
LokeReed is watching Death Note anime at 29 of 37 episodes
swheatley rated the Death Note anime 5/5 stars
swheatley watched Death Note at 37 of 37 episodes

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Detective Conan

Detective Conan
  • TV (745+ eps)
  • 1996 - ?

Shinichi Kudo is a famous teenage detective who idolizes Sherlock Holmes and solves difficult cases with ease. One day, after a fun day at the theme park with his childhood friend Ran, Shinichi witnesses something suspicious and is knocked unconscious. What’s worse, he’s forced to take a deadly, experimental drug that shrinks his body to the age of seven. To protect himself and his loved ones from those who may want to finish the job, Shinichi dons the new name Conan Edogawa and moves in with Ran, whose father is a famous detective, in hopes of closing cases that can lead him to the men in black. But little does Shinichi know just how dangerous these men, and their cause, are...

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If you loved Death Note for its impressive intellectual side, you will surely love Detective Conan. The thought process he uses every time to solve a case impresses more than the last time. Its simply amazing how Shinichi can solve cases on such little evidence.


Case Closed and Death Note are two mystery anime. Death Note focuses on mystery, and Detective Conan focuses on a bunch of mysteries. If you are the type of person who loves certain anime because they solve mysteries in them, then watch both of these series.


You will absolutely love Detective Conan if you're Death Note fan that is looking for another smart thinking concept of the anime. They both possessed very good intelligent. Shinichi can be compared to Light for the fact that they are smart and thinks logically. But Shinichi's role here is to solve mysteries in crimes. There are tons of episodes of Detective Conan and each one of it will make you wanna stay all night watching it. As well as its movies.

watch it online now!



Much to the annoyance of Kei, he and his childhood friend Katou have died, having been torn apart by a train. But rather than finding themselves at the gates of heaven, the duo materialize in a room full of strangers and a giant black sphere known as GANTZ. As if dying once wasn’t bad enough, the occupants of the room are then forced to embark on dangerous missions to kill strange aliens; missions that very few return from. Now, Kei, Katou, and a well-endowed friend must fight for their freedom with an arsenal of guns, high powered suits, and a very low chance of survival.

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Both animes are about man/pepole, who suddenly get supernatural items of great power, and burdened to pay for it. Also both animes plays with life and death.


GANTZ shares a same twisted sort of horror as Death Note albeit in wholly different ways. They share great suspense, twists, losses, and most of all death.


These anime have one special incommon turn in the storyline which popped right into my mind as soon as i saw the second one (Gantz). That is we have a huge tragedy at the protagonist side at somewhere the 2/3 of the way down the series. Okay, I am positive in which particular episodes but I won't tell.



Kaiji Ito is as pathetic a person as they come; a man who gambles his days away, only winning enough to lose significantly more. He hates himself, is riddled with envy for others, but is ultimately too weak to think of a way out of his massive debts. Then one day he is approached by a strange man who offers him what seems the solution of a lifetime – to take a short journey on a ship called Espoir, during which time he will be given the chance to win more cash than he can dream of in a card game like no other. Ever the desperate, Kaiji takes the gamble of his life; however, the game turns out to be far darker than he expected and the hard lessons pile on thick and fast. Now stuck in a closed world of unsavory characters willing to do anything to destroy him, can Kaiji gather enough courage to outwit them all?

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Both anime exploit a narrow premise in order to create a strategic game of life and death. Kaiji has no paranormal elements like Death Note, and the animation styles are incredibly different, but the dark, edgy tone and atmospheric settings guarantee that liking one means liking the other.


If you liked Death Note, you will LOVE Kaiji. Both of them are about people in potentially deadly situations who must use their intelligence to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents.

They are both unbelievably suspenseful with dozens of twists and turns. But don't take my word for it: see for yourself!


Both anime are incredibly thrilling and is a must if you like thrillers. They make you sit at you computer watching for hours just because it's so "exciting". cancell your life for some hours and watch Death Note//Kaiji. If you liked one of them i am sure you will enjoy the other.



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Staring incredibly charismatic and devious liars as lead characters, who also happen to be the spitting image of each other, playing both the criminal and the detective.Changing sides and dropping Xantos Gambit's like no-ones business. Mystery and suspense abound.Death Note deals with the criminal pretending to be a detective. Switch, the undercover detective.


Why recommend the two? The first reason is the incredible resemblance of the characters and the mood that is maintained throughout both the OVA Switch and the series Death Note. Simmilar animation, camera angles, dramatization, mystery, suspence, the mix of both realistic detective work and logic and the supernatural have had me thinking about one all the time while watching the other. Although Switch is shorter and nothing is explaned at the end (but that is exactly how Death Note started), and it also has implied features of fan-service at some points, nevertheless it is still able to parry the unbeatable Death Note and still make a decent match.


Both Death Note and Switch are very similar. When I first saw the opening of Switch, it reminded me of Death Note. Then when I got a bit further into the anime I realized that they both are really similar with the character designs and how the characters were introduced. Both series have a similar feel to it when you watch it and both left me hanging.



When a group of children discover a strange cave at the beach, their lives are forever changed. Inside they find a hide out filled with computers and a man named Kokopelli who gives them a curious offer: to participate in a special game in which they save Earth from fifteen giant monsters. To defeat the invaders, he will give them a powerful mecha of black armor. The children eagerly sign the contract, name their new weapon Zearth, and must now take turns to pilot it; but the 'game' is in fact all too real and the consequences of battle become the stuff of nightmares. With no option to cancel the contract, is there any way to stop the game before it is too late for all of them?

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discovers how the people involve in a strange events,found an answer to their questions. and what they are doing, to escape from their terrible destiny.


Both of these deal with the same question - if it's what's best for the world, is it okay to kill people? They both also have a plot that keeps you interested all the way through, and you always end up thinking "just one more episode".