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Death Note

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Have you ever felt like the world would be a better place if certain people weren’t around? Such grim daydreams might occur when watching the dismal daily news, but on one fateful day, Light Yagami finds that these daydreams can become reality. By pure happenstance, he comes across a black notebook entitled "Death Note", whose text within states that whoever's name is written on its pages will die. With the aid of the death god Ryuk, Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of its corruption, ushering in a new era of purity one death at a time. But as Ryuk foretells, Light's actions will not go unchallenged...

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Death Note 2004 Original Manga
Death Note (Pilot) 2006 Original
Death Note: Another Note - The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases (Light Novel) 2006 TBD
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Name Role
Masaru KITAO Character Design
Tetsuro ARAKI Director
Yoshihisa HIRANO Music
Hideki TANIUCHI Music
Tsugumi OHBA Original Manga Creator
Masao MARUYAMA Producer
Manabu TAMURA Producer
Toshio NAKATANI Producer

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Death Note sothis 5.8/10 Nov 22, 2009
Death Note Sheex 9/10 Jul 12, 2007

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Death Note Rifunger 7.5/10 Mar 31, 2014
Death Note ParaParaJMo 9/10 Mar 13, 2014
Death Note AverageJoseph 7/10 Mar 9, 2014
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animes that I love to watch ♥ nataliachan 10 Apr 17, 2014
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One stormy night, a desperate man finds himself playing Mahjong with yakuza thugs; the prize is his life. He is losing, and death seems certain, until a teenage boy stumbles out of the darkness into the Mahjong parlor, drenched in rain. Allowed to watch, the boy soon offers to play in place of the marked man, and that night, a legend is born. After his first taste for Mahjong, Akagi Shigeru finds himself entangled in the dark underworld of Mahjong gambling: for money, reputation, and lives.

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If you like the psychological mind games, psychological wars, and gripping suspense of Death Note, then you'll definitely like Akagi's equivalent in the underworld of Mahjong gambling. Both these anime revolve around battles of wit and intellect, often these battles are for the protagonists' lives. They are light on action, and heavy on thinking, and are sure to leave the acute viewer breathless and wanting more. It is not often that I am addicted by an anime as I have been by Death Note. And even though I don't know the rules of Mahjong, I found Akagi always pulling me for more intense board game battles.

 Don't let the Mahjong premise put you off. I still don't know how to play Mahjong. Though I'm sure I would've appreciated Akagi more if I actually knew the game, it was the suspense and story that won me. Watch it! Kon!


Both Akagi and Death Note follow the life of a boy genius, tracing his devious antics as he strives to become God (Death Note in a more literal sense, Akagi less so). Both plot lines are progressive, manga-lead stories, which genuinely keep you in a state of suspense.


Both Akagi and Death Note run on the basic principle of manipulation, trickery, and mind battles. While in one this is done on an actual game board, in the other it is performed through a man's pursuit to create his ideal world. While everything else is different, the core that the shows are built upon is the same. If you liked Akagi, you will adore Death Note. If you liked Death Note, you will probably like Akagi.


Akagi and DN are both strongly psychological anime. At a glance, they're not quite the same, but if you keep watching you'll find out that Akagi is not only about mahjong. Both Light and Akagi are genious in what they do.

What's more, it's surely same vibe here and in DN, though it's of coure not as dynamic as DN, you have to be patient sometimes and "wait for a better times". Still, both is Madhouse work, so you won't be dissapointed.


Both are suspenseful and could be classified as thrillers as the battle of mind and wit take place. Only the smartest will win. Both suprisingly nail biting


Admittedly, Akagi requires knowledge of mahjong and has a pretty poor ending while Death Note - however uneven at times - concludes rather well. However, both series are depictions of antihero geniuses who battle in elaborate and melodramatic mind games against their opponents.



Moritaka Mashiro feels as if life is passing him by; with no dreams or motivation, he trudges through day-to-day life. One day, after leaving his notebook behind, he returns to school and finds the smartest guy in class, Takagi, waiting for him. Takagi is happy to return the book, but on the condition that Mashiro agrees to become a mangaka with him. Though Mashiro initially declines, he soon reconsiders when he discovers that the girl he likes, Azuki, dreams of becoming a voice actress. And after promising that she can have the lead role if their manga is ever adapted into an anime, he suggests that they get married once they are both successful! Shockingly, she agrees to the proposal and Mashiro and Takagi embark on their quest to become manga artists.

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Bakuman and Death Note aren't so much alike based on what they have, but they would appeal to the same audience based mostly on what they don't have. They're both shounen series' without the stereotypical fights, team of 3-4 people all adventuring and fighting for a similar goal. Both of these are mostly about thinking and intellect to some extent. And instead of wowing the viewer with flashy fight scenes, they both suck you in with wonderfully developed characters.


While the story subjects are entirely different, it helps to add that both Bakuman and Death Note are created by the same storywriter/artist (Ohba/Obata) and therefore get the same feel and pace from each story by how the characters act and react to circumstances around them. Similar humor, albiet Bakuman's is much more exaggerated and lighthearted.


Deathnote and Bakuman both share a similar or near exact art style and deep/thought provoking themes. This of course makes sense due to the fact that they are written and drwan by the same author in their manga forms. Another great thing about both is how well they follow the original plot of their mangas. They are both well planned/executed anime series. If you liked deathnote you'll love bakuman and vice versa, they may be very different however they are both very much the same.


Yes Bakuman and Death Note are not similar at all. But they have the same author and artist. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Those two are geniues at manga and anime.


Same mangaka and writer so the art work is much the same too also you find out answers of death note in Bakuman since it's slightly based on the authors as well as I loved them both lol! <3


They're both by the same manga author and you can tell with the intruiging and unique plots, the art style, and the characters. They're very different genres, but both still have the same feel.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

The war between the monarchical Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance has raged ceaselessly across the galaxy for over a century, with the fleets of both powers having fought countless battles. Currently the conflict revolves around the strategic Iserlohn Corridor, one of only two passages of space through which the two forces can access each other. Here the Empire has built the nigh-impregnable Iserlohn Fortress, whose deadly weaponry has thwarted repeated efforts by the Alliance to capture her. Phezzan, a neutral mercantile state, controls the other corridor. The long war has resulted in an indecisive stalemate, but there are two men from the two worlds who will change everything: Wen-Li Yang, a gifted strategist from the Alliance who wants nothing more than to retire and be a historian; and Reinhard von Lohengramm, a man from the Empire whose ambition knows no bounds. Their loves, struggles, triumphs and failures play across an interstellar stage of intrigue, war and death.

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Two titanic intellects, one bent on reshaping the world to their own desire, the other fighting to maintain the status quo. This description fits both of these animes to a tee.

They both tell their respective stories from the perspective of the two main characters. Rather than portray one as the protagonist and the other as the antagonist, they both leave the decision of who's the good guy and who's the bad guy up to the viewer.

I have often heard both of these being referred to as a "thinking mans" anime and require some thought on behalf of the viewer to aperciate. So long as LOGH's archaic animation doesn't bother you then there's no good reason that if you liked one you wouldn't like the other.


I'm surprised that more people haven't made this recommendation pairing. The lead characters in LOTGH and Death Note calculate their moves carefully and constantly are engaging in battles of wits with each other - though LOTGH is more sci fi and on a far grander scale. If you liked the pacing and psychological elements of one, do check out the other.


Although both anime have hardly anything in common plot wise they are both 'Thinker's Anime' in meaning that both give the viewer more than a screen of flickering colors and lights but also a deep story based on logic and psychology.

Both anime treat you like a person with a brain, not a retarded chimp that needs every little detail and occurrence explained.


Both animes are very similar to each other. In both animes you óbserve two opposing factions who are trying to outwit the other. The basic idea is the same, whereas the rules and conditions might be a tad different. If you liked one of these, i honestly can not see a reason for you to not like the other.


There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn't think these two anime would go over well with the same people, but when it comes down to it, if you focus on characterization more than on plot and you liked the characters of either LoGH or of Death Note, I expect you will like the other. The presentation of each anime is very different - indeed, LoGH is about 20 years older than Death Note, and the original LoGH novels are even older - and many aspects of the plot of each are totally unrelated, there nevertheless exists a similarity between the main characters (especially in the two main characters of each respective show) and in the ideals and morals that drive each series, particularly the two main concepts in each series: The struggle between the Machiavellian desire to do whatever is necessary to right what is wrong with the world, and the belief that certain methods of achieving victory and peace are unacceptable, no matter the consequences of forgoing them.


On the surface the two animes have little in common, one is a space opera and the other is psychological thriller. Both however have a common but important element. They both involve incredibly intelligent strategists pitting their minds against each other in a struggle of life and death and we the audience get all the benefit.



In the future, a system called Sibyl presides over the country and provides order to every facet of life. It dictates which job fields citizens should go into based on aptitude tests, and can even read each resident's mental state and predict which ones are likely to commit crimes in the future. Fresh from exams, Akane Tsunemori is beginning her career as an Inspector, a specialized police officer who works to apprehend these latent criminals and stop crimes before they happen. But not all that get caught are eliminated or jailed, some join the police force as Enforcers to provide insight into criminals’ minds, and Akane is warned not to get too close to them, as they're considered little more than hunting dogs. Though skeptical of this advice, and Sibyl's judgement, Akane is determined to work together with her Enforcers to protect the peace of her city and its inhabitants.

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What strikes me as similar about Death Note and Psycho-pass is that they both ask similar heavy questions about justice and the treatment of criminals. The premise in both revolves around a method of controlling crime before it happens, and the human drama that follows revolves largely around the police and their role in society.


The central themes of justice and revenge, as well as treatment of criminals and the justice system in geneal, are present in both.  If you enjoy anime that make you think on larger scale issues, chances are you'll enjoy both.


Both are darker psychological thrillers. The settings are different, one modern....one futuristic, but both are about fictional moral systems, and the cat and mouse game that follows.


Both of these shows are very psycological, violent, and focus on two brilliant men hunting each other.  If you enjoyed watching two people trying to out-think each other, then these shows both do that extremely well.


These two may not seem similar at face.  They sure as hell don't have similar plots.  However these anime's are both well drawn, animated, and are very dialogue heavy. These both have pretty badass unique story lines and you're not sure who the bad guy is either.  Something that doesn't happen very often in modern anime is a strong male character.. here's two animes have em.  I'd recommend this anime to anyone who doesn't suck :).


Both are suspense thrillers that focus on the exploits of vain morally questionable geniuses. Death Note is seen through the eyes of the villain while Psycho-Pass is seen through the eyes of the hero. They contrast each other nicely and could conceivably have been set in the same world.

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Encased by trees that are used to make grave markers, Sotoba is a village thought to be surrounded by death - a fact that soon literally becomes the case. One summer, a series of mysterious and untimely fatalities begins to plague the small rural town. With a higher than normal mortality rate for the time of year and each cause of passing remaining unknown, Toshio, the local doctor, and Seishin the temple’s vice chief monk become suspicious and take it upon themselves to investigate. However, as the deaths begin to pile up, more people begin to wonder just what is behind this sudden epidemic; could it have anything to do with the bizarre Kirishiki family that recently moved to the village?

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Although the plot is entirely different, Death Note and Shiki are extremely similar in many ways. Both of them flesh out the two sides well enough so that you can't call any of them right or wrong. Both of them have main characters(Light in Death note and Toshio in Shiki) who don't stop at anything to achieve their goals and aren't afraid to make sacrifices or take underhanded measures. Not to mention these characters actually make the audience feel for the antagonists. Shiki has much more despair than Death note but both of them can get your heart racing


Both Shiki and Death Note examine the psychology of murderers. These are both incredibly dark series with a "grey-and-grey" mortality to them. Can either Light or L be called a hero? Are the shiki or humans in the wrong? Both series are a visual treat to boot. If you like morally ambiguous, psychological horror-thrillers, these series are both excellent choices.


1) Both will make you change sides, as you dig deeper into the thick plot

2) Both will have you wondering what is actually good and what is evil

3) Incredible main characters, with alot of depth and realism


Both of these anime involve a string of deaths that seem unsolvable at first. With a mixture of realism and the supernatural, the plots are complex and twisting. Both sides of the struggle are given detail that makes you wonder which side is "good".


Shiki is an anime about mysterious death occcuring in a village. Also, this anime is about what finding out is causing them, and putting an end to it. Death note is an anime about solving a mystery, too. Much like Death Note!


Though both of them have a complete different plot, they are similar when it comes down to the choice: what is good and what is evil? In both of these series it's the main question you're asking yourself. Though Death Note is more down-to-earth and one big mindgame, Shiki is supernatural and a very good horror show. If you liked one, you might just like the other one as well.

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