Death Billiards

Movie (1 ep x 25 min)
4.298 out of 5 from 3,164 votes
Rank #290

When two strangers find themselves trapped in a mysterious lounge with no memory of arriving, they're informed by the bartender that the only way to escape is play a game like their lives depend on it. With a spin of the roulette wheel, their fates are set: the men must play a game of pool, but it's no ordinary game! In a suspenseful, macabre twist, the balls aren't numbered but rather represent a different organ in each man's body. Just what kind of fate awaits the loser of this anything-goes game of billiards?

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Risan07's avatar by Risan07 on Dec 25, 2014
Score: 10/10

Death Billiards is a rather unassuming title. It is a short that only has a ½ hour episode going for it with an interesting name but a lacking synopsis. What story could possibly be told in a half an hour that could engage you? Well this hidden gem not only told it well but left me wanting more. Unlike my other reviews, this one won’t be as lengthy. This is because it is only one episode and thus... read more

triplestrike's avatar by triplestrike on Aug 28, 2013
Score: 8.5/10

Death Billiards is only one episode long, but that one episode does a pretty good job of defining itself. Two individuals find themselves in an odd situtation with odd consequnces. Ladies and Gentleman, the game is billiards. This show looks great at every moment. Sound and music work well and overall the presentation is great. The characters are a little bit bleak but it is to be expected when characters... read more

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