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On a day that seemed ordinary, a spaceship crash landed in Tokyo bay, filled to the brim with beautiful aliens that would come to be known as DearS. Since that day, though all of Japan seems to have gone DearS-crazy, one high school boy named Takeya it still not impressed by the phenomenon. But things change for Takeya when he finds a lone DearS girl on the side of the road, who forces herself into his apartment, and his life! Now, he must brave a plethora of complications, misunderstandings, and embarassments, when all he wants to do is be left alone!

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  • I Want to Nibble Sweetly image

    Episode 1

    I Want to Nibble Sweetly

  • Was It Too Small? image

    Episode 2

    Was It Too Small?

  • Ball! Ball! image

    Episode 3

    Ball! Ball!

  • Wipe Your Mouth image

    Episode 4

    Wipe Your Mouth

  • Partners image

    Episode 5


  • I'm Frustrated image

    Episode 6

    I'm Frustrated

  • Pervert image

    Episode 7


  • M… My Ball image

    Episode 8

    M… My Ball

  • It Hurt a Little image

    Episode 9

    It Hurt a Little

  • Let's Have an Orgy image

    Episode 10

    Let's Have an Orgy

  • Do You Want to Experience It? image

    Episode 11

    Do You Want to Experience It?

  • Furthermore It Was Hot image

    Episode 12

    Furthermore It Was Hot

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KiraRin's avatar by KiraRin on Aug 31, 2009
Score 3/10

I’m slowly starting to understand why so many people detest ecchi anime, and DearS is an example of just how low a typically fun genre can stoop. Now, I’m as far from a raging feminist as you can get, but I was still shocked to find that this horrendous trash was written by a pair of women. With the fairer-sex portrayed as... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on May 9, 2012
Score 3.5/10

This anime is remembered by most as “The Chobits” clone. Which is not the full truth, as in reality it is the hybrid clone of Chobits AND an old American sci-fi series called Alien Nation. Take the plot of the first and the setting of the second and PRESTO, this pops up.

For those not familiar with what I’m talking about, it’s about alien slaves crash-landing on Earth and... read more

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