Dead Leaves

Movie (1 ep x 48 min)
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For Pandy and Retro, waking up naked with amnesia wasn't the high point of their day. While going on a crime spree, the duo are captured and sent to the infamous Dead Leaves, a notorious prison where the baddest of the bad are sent. Using the bathroom is a chore, eating is force fed and escape seems impossible -- but is it? Join Pandy, Retro, the drill endowed Chinko Drill and a gang of inmates as they plot their escape from the hell that is Dead Leaves!

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sothis Dec 30, 2004
Score 7.3/10

Dead Leaves is weird.

Now that that's been said, let's discuss why. First of all, the plot of Dead Leaves doesn't really matter. This movie was obviously made for the animation, plain and simple. That being said, even if you wanted to understand the plot, it's not so easy, given the extremely unique animation style and the high octane feel and pacing of the anime. In general, Pandy... read more

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Gzerble Jan 23, 2015
Score 9.5/10

Dead Leaves is so glorious that I would help it conquer the world and enslave Belgium. It is so crazy that it makes the guy who rubs his head on billboards trying to remove the letters because he's "an eraser" seem like Doctor Phil. It is so cool that it can stop global warming and protect us all from nuclear winter when the apocalypse happens. What is truly great about Dead Leaves is that it does... read more



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