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Dash! Kappei

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3.501 out of 5 from 339 votes
Rank #1,669


Kappei Sakamoto is an exceptionally short boy who is exceptionally good at sports, including basketball. But Kappei's Achilles heel is a nice pair of panties - and only plain white will do. At every turn Kappei tries to get a peer up the skirts of the ladies around him, and he likes what he sees in both the basketball team's captain, Coach Natsu, and the lovely Akane Aki. With two pairs of white panties as a good omen, Kappei decides to join the basketball team and do his very best. Through a variety of competitions and trials, Kappei will help Seirin High School always remain on top!

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Name Role
Sadao MIYAMOTO Character Design
Seitaro HARA Director
Masayuki HAYASHI Director

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Anime i that i'll remember the most DarkMac 17 Dec 13, 2011
k9nigai keh0ratiN 25 Aug 26, 2011
want to watch Master17X 25 May 25, 2011
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kounoupis rated the Dash! Kappei anime 3.5/5 stars
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HeavenSloth stalled Dash! Kappei anime at 1 of 65 episodes

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