Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini

TV (12 eps)
4.142 out of 5 from 14,923 votes
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One fateful evening, two twins named Suou and Shion were gazing at the night sky with their father when a falling star fell upon them, turning Shion into a Contractor. Now, two years later, they try to live a normal life. But after unknown men break into their house one day, the duo escapes, Shion vanishes, and Suou finds herself with the masked Contractor Hei. Together, Suou and Hei try to discover why several nefarious syndicates are after Shion, why they’re being chased, and most importantly, what happened on that fateful night two years ago...

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MaximumGeass's avatar by MaximumGeass on Nov 10, 2011
Score: 4/10

hahaha wondering why i gave such a bad score?  This season puts the first to shame in my opinnion.  It's not even worth writing a full hearted review on this.  As it puts some of my beloved characters from season 1 in these pathetic weak roles.  Such as the main character Hei in this hobo outfit without powers throughout like the entire season!  It's still a good anime but not up to my... read more

Itochan60's avatar by Itochan60 on May 4, 2010
Score: 6.5/10

Story: 7/10 Let me first say that I watched this anime in one sitting with a couple good friends.  If that isn’t enough to tell that the story is pretty interesting, I don’t know what is.  The series pretty much relies on you having seen the first season, which is understandable and allows it to jump right into the story.  However, the first two episodes made me question a bit... read more

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