Dante's Inferno

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Weary from the Crusades, Dante Alighieri returns home to find his farm raided and his family slaughtered. If this atrocity weren’t enough, he then watches in horror as Lucifer himself rises to claim the soul of his beloved Beatrice for his own. On the verge of despair. Dante takes his sword to the gates of Hell itself in a mad quest to reclaim her against all odds. But even with the help of his guide, the dead poet Virgil, the knight must still contend with an army of demons both personal and literal if he is to rescue his fiancée.

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Sparcelz's avatar by Sparcelz on Dec 16, 2014
Score: 3/10

First of all i want to start with the story and why i gave it a 8, Its not because of what they deliverd here on the movie, but the true story of it, ( if you havent read it..do it) 

The animation in this movie where so bad, started good...and just became more and more poorly done.

Also all that they had to do where to copy the game that is made ( as they have done poorly)

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darkdante14's avatar by darkdante14 on Nov 12, 2011
Score: 4/10

Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic is a feature length anime movie that is based off video game Dante’s Inferno which was inspired by poem Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri. I haven’t read the poem but I’ve played and beaten the game. Clearly since this anime movie is not an original work and is rather just fan-service for the gamers my expectations were pretty low. Be prepared as I... read more



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