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Custom Lists

Anime of the Season (2010-Now)by Atpx4869

I tried not to put multiple seasons of one anime (*cough* Haikyuu *cough*).

Favorite "Short" Anime Seriesby Yokaze

List of short anime to watch when I need a pick up.

Comments on every series I've watchedby Starra

One series = one franchise. These are just how I feel about them, nothing to do with how objectively good they are or any of that crap. Actual shows only, no movies/OVA series shorter than 6 episodes. Completed shows first, then stalled, then...

Top 30 animeby Starra

Rough order. One series represents the whole franchise. This is for series that I thoroughly enjoyed and has nothing to do with how "objectively" good they are. I don't understand my tastes either, don't worry.

Chill animeby Repsak

This is a list of all the chill anime I have stumped across over the last months. These are that kind of anime that you see when you just want to chill the fuck out yet still wanting entertainment. These series are silly, simple and overall funny...

My Favorite Comedy Animeby animeobssesivetomuch

It has to have comedy but can include any other genre. One of the main genres of the anime has to be comedy to make it on this list. Alphabetical Order.

Top Favo'sby Hiahusu

My personal favorites that i so far have come to like.