Dagger of Kamui

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Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger

Kotarou is a brash young orphan in war-torn Japan, on the run from mysterious pursuers with Tobimaru, his faithful canine companion. Clueless as to why anyone would want him, much less imperial warriors from mainland China, a chance encounter with a strange wandering swordsman could not be more unwelcome in Kotarou's skeptical eyes – especially when the stranger has a secret past that has caused him to seal his blade. Forced by circumstance to work together for survival, the unlikely duo forge a tenuous friendship that is threatened all too soon when Kotarou's pursuers thrust the two into a dizzying whorl of clashing ambitions between men both big and small. Will the stranger manage to overcome his past and save them both from peril with his blade?

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Funkgun Funkgun says...

Titles set in a feudal era for anime, are actually not as plentiful as one would imagine.

Both of these titles are great adventure yarns, with action sequences and great simple characters.  The animation is top notch with Sword of the Stranger, and it should being 20 years newer than However, Dagger of Kamui has plenty to look at in the animation department, being given a high 80's OVA/movie type of care.

Dagger has a little more depth in story, and Sword has a little more depth of character bonding, but both are nice period action pieces.