Dagger of Kamui

Movie (1 ep x 132 min)
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Dagger of Kamui

A young boy named Jiro finds his mother and sister murdered in his home. Falsely accused of the crime, he flees from his village and meets a priest named Tenkai, who has him kill a rogue ninja named Tarouza. After fulfilling that task, Jiro undergoes training to become a master assassin. Many years later, Jiro finds out that he was an orphan and his real father was Tarouza, who had worked for Tenkai until he aborted his mission when he fell in love with an Ainu woman. The young ninja discovers that the Shogunate was to retrieve the lost treasure of Captain Kidd and use it to once again isolate Japan from the rest of the world. Using the clues that Tarouza had kept secret, Jiro - along with the female ninja Oyuki and a slave named Sam - travels to Russia and America to search for the treasure in hopes of using it to extract revenge from Tenkai.

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XII's avatar
XII Apr 30, 2013
Score 9.7/10

Kamui no Ken is probably one of the best movies ever created. It is truely an experience one will never forget.

It has: Ninjas Self Discovery Betrayal Revenge Love in the midst of battle Love lost Love Triangle Trial against great/powerful enemies Slavery A journey to america The wild west Cowboys and Indians A pirate's treasure Seriously what more could someone ask for? This movie... read more

TheStampede01's avatar
TheStampede01 Jun 20, 2012
Score 7/10

Being a fan of the good old hack n' slash anime ninja movies, I had to check this title out. I wasn't really expecting, much I didn't really get all that much either. Story- Okay so the story is about this guy named Jiro and he is framed for killing his own parents. Well except he did kill his own father, but he didn't realize it was his father. So he vows to take revenge on the one responsible, a monk... read more



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