Da Capo II Second Season

TV (13 eps)
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Yoshiyuki, Otome, Yume, Sakura and the rest of their friends are back for more romance and mystery. The school festival is approaching, and the class decides upon a puppet show; what’s more, Yoshiyuki was chosen to be the lead! Even once the holidays pass, plenty of quiet times await the gang: Yoshiyuki and Otome investigate mysterious occurrences on the island and the truth behind the always-blooming sakura tree, and everyone celebrates the end of the year – amongst other events.

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mahius Aug 28, 2015
Score 7.5/10

Da Capo II Second Season is the follow on from Da Capo II, 13 more episodes of this romance anime, with themes of magic and the supernatural in the usual SoL high school setting. Once again, I disclose my personal dislike for harem, ecchi, fake romance that goes nowhere, etc. Though the first season had zero actual harems involved, this seems to continue that. Season 1 was just setting the scene, the real story... read more

Gakorak's avatar
Gakorak Nov 4, 2009
Score 8/10

Everything you ever watched in the past Da Capo and Da Capo II has been for this season.  Everything comes together to give you an emotional drama that you never see coming.  I was amazed on how BAD Da Capo II season 1 was.  I was so horrified by it that I refused to see this season at all.I'm glad I changed my mind.  This is a much watch dramaIf you saw season 1 of Da Capo II and was... read more

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