Da Capo

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On an island where cherry blossoms bloom all year-round, love seems to always be in the air. It is in this magical atmosphere that Asakura Junnichi lives, and when he dreams he travels to the dreams of others, rather than have any of his own. In everyday high-school life, he is accompanied by his adopted sister, Nemu, and an eclectic group of friends including a j-pop idol-in-the-making and a girl they knew from their childhood. Promises, and magic, and love -- Junnichi seems to dream about every girl he knows, but which girl dreams of him...?

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therik's avatar by therik on Dec 9, 2008
Score: 2.5/10

Imagine, if you will, an end to conflict, a world of peace, a universe where seldom a cross word is exchanged, much less an utterance of aggression. Truly, this would be a wonderful place to live - but watching it for 26 episodes? My, does it ever drag. Da Capo crawls unapologetically from the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of harem anime. In this school, a generic male lead is pursued... read more

anisoft's avatar by anisoft on Aug 21, 2012
Score: 3/10

I watched Da Capo a while back when I was sick. I was home from school, and felt like doing something to pass the time. On some anime watching site I found this so called "Da Capo" and figured "why the heck not". Little did I know I would be bored sh*tless for the next 26 f**king episodes and so on to find a second season, and a sequel.

Story: The anime starts out in the dream of... read more

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