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D-1 Devastator

D-1 Devastator main image
1.757 out of 5 from 22 votes
Rank #5,187


When Ryou took an unauthorized test drive of a top secret vehicle, he had no idea he'd end up in an alternate dimension surrounded by vicious monsters. After being saved from death by a team of mecha pilots, he learns a terrifying secret that few are aware of: these creatures known as Devastators live in this other dimension, and nefarious people are determined to experiment on the connection between the realms. Ryou, Nami and other pilots must work together to combat this threat, even though others such as Gai have their own motives...


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Junji NISHIMURA Director

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List Title Username Entries Date
Can't find or not full-subbed anime Darkest 22 Nov 20, 2010
AnimeRulez4ever won't watch D-1 Devastator
povsuduvolosy wants to watch D-1 Devastator
NevaDie watched D-1 Devastator at 2 of 2 episodes
IssacandAsimov dropped D-1 Devastator at 1 of 2 episodes
nonononono watched D-1 Devastator at 2 of 2 episodes

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