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Cyborg 009

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Joe Shimamura is one of nine humans abducted and experimented upon by the mysterious “Black Ghost” organization. Awakening to find he has super powers no mere mortal could possess and the name of Cyborg 009, Joe escapes from the lab to meet up with the other eight humans that escaped. Together, they join forces to stop the mad scientist Dr. Gilmore, their creator, and Black Ghost itself. Can they prevail against this nigh unstoppable enemy before the world falls into their villainous control?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Cyborg 009 (1966) Movie 1966 TBD
Cyborg 009 Kaijuu Sensou Movie 1967 TBD
Cyborg 009 (1968) TV 1968 TBD
Cyborg 009 (1979) TV 1979 TBD
Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy Movie 1980 TBD
Cyborg 009: The Reopening Other 2010 Same Franchise
009 Re:Cyborg Movie 2012 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Cyborg 009 1964 TBD
Name Role
Naoyuki KONNO Character Design
Jun KAWAGOE Director
Shotaro ISHINOMORI Original Manga Creator
Takayuki NAGASAWA Producer

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Cyborg 009 Rhaynebow 7/10 Dec 12, 2012
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2. ULTIMATE ANIME RANKING Xplayer 260 Jan 22, 2014
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Manga, anime/cartoons and Dramas I own. jojovonjo 0 Oct 26, 13
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mazic watched Cyborg 009 at 52 of 52 episodes
jojovonjo stalled Cyborg 009 at 8 of 52 episodes
MikaKay is watching Cyborg 009 anime at 21 of 52 episodes
dj8900 dropped Cyborg 009
DerekL stalled Cyborg 009 at 30 of 52 episodes

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In an alternate version of Earth, the Cold War is still in effect after 140 years. The world has been divided into the East and West Bloc, each with powerful organizations and assassins running the show. Agent Mylene Hoffman is as sexy as she is deadly, and while she isn’t bedding with the enemy, she works for Western Bloc’s elite Zero Zero organization as a top-rate spy. With assassins at every turn and an unending war on the horizon, Mylene will use her wiles to charm and kill the enemy – all without breaking a nail!

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Old school anime from Shotaro Ishinomori's hands, full of (then) hi-tech cyborgs and machinery and dark conspiracies, not to mention his very peculiar charades!

Gun Frontier

Gun Frontier

Gun Frontier: a sacred land for true men; a place where the weak aren't allowed to dream! Tochiro the samurai, the former sea pirate Harlock, and the mysterious Shinunora are searching the western front of the USA. They must face bandits, corrupt sheriffs and many other dangers; but even if it means tearing Gun Frontier from end to end, Tochiro will stop at nothing to find a lost clan of Japanese immigrants. It is they who can help him locate and rescue his sister, a master weapon smith who was kidnapped for her abilities.


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Gun Frontier and Cyborg 009 seemed pretty good to compare them to each other.

Both of the series involves working to a goal, and the only way to do this is by fighting. In Gun Frontier you have a samurai who wants to get his little sister. In Cyborg 009 you have a group of people who just want to escape and help the other future cyborgs.

If you liked one, then you of course will like the other.

Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

Henrietta is a young girl who works for a "welfare group" that does the government's dirty work. Cybernetically-enhanced and specially-trained, she is one of a group of elite hit-girls, remorseless killers with no memories of their past. Jose, her partner, has taken care of her since she was brought into the organization following the murder of her family, and struggles between his affection for her, and his opposing duty to his employer. But, time is running out.. for with each bullet they fire, Henrietta and the other girls lose a little more of their humanity.

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Gunslinger Girl and Cyborg 009 might have different plots but the premise is the same. Normal human beings are basically taken away by a mysterious organization and are given new parts to amplify their abilities and become superhuman.

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  • OVA (6 eps x 30 min)
  • 1993

Hiroshi Ozora has always wanted to be a superhero, so he decided to do the only logical thing: create a transforming power suit called Moldiver! With it, he can fight the forces of the maniacal Professor Machinegal, who desires all of the rarities of the world for his private collection - but when his sister Mirai accidentally changes the suit's design to that of a beautiful girl, Hiroshi's plan goes terribly awry! Now, Hiroshi and Mirai must share the suit, alternating between manliness and beauty, to put a stop to Professor Machinegal!

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Though Cyborg 009 is about a female assassin and Moldiver is about two people who share a high-powered suit, both have the same campy, 60s-style feel to them as far as the villains go. This might be a stretch, but try out one if you liked the other.