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3.15 out of 5 from 365 votes
Rank #2,401


By day, she’s a male teacher named Adrian Seidelman; but by night, she’s Cybersix, a butt-kicking beauty who battles the evil minions of Jose and Von Reichter. Joined by a panther who shares the brain of her younger brother, Cybersix helps keep the city of Meridiana safe while trying to keep her identity hidden from Lucas, a co-worker and love interest. Can she and her friends help keep the people safe from harm?


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Name Role
Toshihiko MASUDA Director
Shunzo KATO Producer
Koji TAKEUCHI Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Cybersix SirFuzzi 7.5/10 Jan 10, 2013
Cybersix SabbiChan 8/10 Mar 31, 2011
List Title Username Entries Date
Childhood Favourites Caffienated027 4 May 31, 2013
Anime to Add Characters For Kari5 105 Feb 2, 2013
Anime watched in 2013 Maikeru545 80 Jan 10, 2013
SoraiaFesta wants to watch Cybersix
killerman33 watched Cybersix at 13 of 13 episodes
dj8900 dropped Cybersix
Farlot watched Cybersix at 13 of 13 episodes
Wrensker watched Cybersix at 13 of 13 episodes

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