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Cyber Formula ZERO

Alt titles: Shin Seiki GPX Cyber Formula ZERO, Future GPX Cyber Formula ZERO

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3.412 out of 5 from 130 votes
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After Hayato's amazing victory in the 11th Cyber Formula Grand Prix, he had an accident in the 12th Grand Prix and critically damaged his body. Asuka Sugo decided to care for Hayato and in return, Hayato proposed to her and promised to hang up his racing shoes forever. Taking Hayato's place in the 13th race is Henri Clayton; but unable to resist the call of the track, Hayato breaks his promise and returns to drive another day. As Hayato continues to race, the "Zero Zone" manifests itself inside him yet again; .and now, Hayato must overcome his fear of driving, and challenges his limits once again, in the "Zero Zone."

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Cyber Formula TV 1991 TBD
Cyber Formula Double-One OVA 1992 TBD
Cyber Formula SAGA OVA 1996 TBD
Cyber Formula SIN OVA 1998 TBD
Name Role
Takahiro YOSHIMATSU Character Design
Mitsuo FUKUDA Director
Ko OTANI Music

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SoraiaFesta wants to watch Cyber Formula ZERO
dj8900 dropped Cyber Formula ZERO
AFreaK watched Cyber Formula ZERO at 8 of 8 episodes
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Mannny420 watched Cyber Formula ZERO at 8 of 8 episodes

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