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Cutey Honey

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2.39 out of 5 from 584 votes
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Honey Kisaragi thought she was a typical teen, until one day she discovers that her father, a genius of robotic engineering, has been murdered. The culprit is the evil Panther Claw organization, a dastardly group of women who want one thing more than life itself: a device that can manipulate elements and create rubies, diamonds and other precious jewels. The only problem is... the device is inside Honey herself! For Honey is actually an android created by her father, and with the flip of a switch she can transform herself into a crime-fighting vixen. Sometimes she's a photographer, a model, a racer, a flight attendant or a singer, but her true identity is the soldier of love, Cutey Honey!

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
New Cutey Honey OVA 1994 TBD
Cutey Honey Flash TV 1997 TBD
Cutey Honey Flash Movie Movie 1997 TBD
Re: Cutie Honey OVA 2004 TBD
Name Role
Eiji ITOU Character Design
Shingo ARAKI Character Design
Mataji URATA Character Design
Tomoharu KATSUMATA Director
Takeo WATANABE Music
Go NAGAI Original Manga Creator
Toshio KATSUTA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Cutey Honey roriconfan 6/10 May 1, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Everything Good Kirua 960 Apr 3, 2013
Ratings 2.5- MogenLapanid 34 Aug 21, 2012
Badge Want to Watch List hamletsmage 100 Jul 12, 2012
jojovonjo wants to watch Cutey Honey
Winnie watched Cutey Honey at 25 of 25 episodes
Brown rated the Cutey Honey anime 3/5 stars
Brown watched Cutey Honey at 25 of 25 episodes
pinkarray won't watch Cutey Honey

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Lupin III

Lupin III

Arsene Lupin the Third is the world’s most notorious thief, a master of disguise and an unashamed ladies man! Working alongside his partner-in-crime Jigen, the carefree Lupin, shoots, steals and flirts his way across the world while avoiding his ever-persistent nemesis, Inspector Zenigata. Whether he is trying to win a Grand Prix race, defeat an invincible magician or steal a set of precious playing cards from a millionaire, nothing is impossible for the great Lupin the Third.

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These are both episodic action comedies that share the same cheesy 70s style of over the top dialogue and art. Both shows are cheaply animated, but the art style gives them both tons of charm. 

The plots may be different with Cutey Honey being a super hero and Lupin being about a group of thieves, but both in both shows the protagonists fight clearly evil villains while dodging well meaning but bumbling authority figures. 

Cutey Honey has a lot more ecchi than Lupin where most of the service moments are reserved for Fujiko, but with the comedy, action and episodic structure being so similar if you liked one then you should probably check out the other. 


A total agreement. The main voice actress of Fujiko is Honey. Both titles use the same astetic of a caper a week. and then there is the ever present character that is chasing the main lead (Lupin or Honey) that is more or less the comic releif. In Lupin it is Zenigatta, in Cutey Honey it is the Principal. 

The animation in both are old and appropriate for the 70's

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Devil Hunter Yohko

Devil Hunter Yohko

Who knew coming of age could be so tough? 16 year-old Yohko Mano is your typical high-schooler dealing with a not-so-typical upbringing. Her grandmother has been training her in the martial arts and tests her skills on a regular basis. And all Yohko really cares about is a date with Hideki! Well, fickle fate intervenes and Yohko's destiny as a destroyer of demons is revealed. This entertaining romp has plenty of fanservice and action to keep the boys drooling.

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In both titles: she is sixteen and is the best one capible of fighting the enemy

One of those titles where you know the lead character is going to transform (in a brief shot in her birthday suit) into a sexy outfit to fight the bad character.

There is even an older side kick in both. Although Granny is really only a factor in the first Yohko.

These are both fun in a camp and action way. 



In the 21st century, the evil faction known as Galactor is set on world domination… and there’s only one group of people who can stop it: the Science Ninja Team! Under the guidance of Dr. Nambu and the International Science Organization, the team handles everything from taking down giant turtles to battling iron monsters, all in the name of justice! Go go Gatchaman! Take down the evil Galactor and save the world!


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There is an evil organization hell bent on causing problems. BUT fear not! You have someone to fight the unending hordes of bad guys.

In both titles the (good) characters can transform into different outfits to fight the bad guys. In  Gatchaman, it is a suit for fighting, in Honey it is varrious disguises and personas to take on the baddies.

Each week the villains have a lead bad guy and a group of masked minions to tackle. There is also a sinister main bad guy who sends out the teams, while a dark commander is pulling the strings. 

Basically these are great prototype anime form a defining era of anime in the 70's. 

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